Roll call of those of us stuck in for our spouse or whos spouse is still in!

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  • TheListener

    I like this thread because it reminds me i am not alone in this. I know my wife is miserable being a witness but she knows that if she hangs in there the new system will come and it will all be worth it.

    Meanwhile me and the kids live life to the full and don't discuss mom's religion if we can help it.

    I would love to have my wife free of the dubs but I gave up on that a long time ago.

  • myjourney
    Marked...great read.
  • Stirred

    I read bits and pieces of myself and my husband in these posts....

    husband long inactive but believer and supporter of me to go and continue but now is willing to read and learn a bit more lately but cautiously.  He likes me going with kids for stability.

    i am now inactive last six months and no more Bible studies - turned over. I still go on Sundays but to different halls...less pressure and keeps me in loop that I feel some need still to have if even infrequent.  It's a process. I'm feeling better; less anxious, more confident.  

    If you still love your wife, let her unconditional love.  She may be going through baby blues on top of all the financial pressure, etc.  Sounds like a pressure cooker.  She doubly will probably hold onto what makes her feel comfortable and safe right now.if she can find comfort elsewhere, it may ease her grip on KH.

    Peace to you all

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