A "follow up" meeting?!?!

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  • AlphaMan

    just tellem youve got money problems---then ask them if they can help you out with a loan----do you think you will see them again ?


    BINGO......guaranteed to make JW elders run faster than a cockroach seeing sunshine. Would love to see somebody here post that they asked the visiting elders for a loan and they immediately found a reason to leave and haven't heard from them since. LOL

  • DesirousOfChange

    Just use the SIX MAGIC WORDS: 'I have nothing more to say.' People have a right to remain silent so as not to incriminate themselves in a court of law. So you can apply the same principle to the Elder Visit.

    But when you "plead the 5th", people assume you are guilty. It's possible that if DATA is argumentative, refuses to meet, stubborn about saying anything or nothing, etc etc he will be ASSUMED to be guilty.

    DATA: I'm with TTATTelder -- LIE THROUGH YOUR TEETH if you have to do so to keep them from hounding you. It's "Theocratic Warfare". Just give them the freaking answers that will make them feel like they "rescued you out of the fire".

    Don't fall prey to their machinations.

    [LOL -- Machinations!!! Where else have you ever heard that word used?]


  • steve2

    Let me get this right: They smiled and spoke sweetly - and you didn't at that very moment have an "Uh-oh!" feeling sweep over you?!

  • joe134cd

    That's a good one big mac. Why didn't I think of that one.

  • Dis-Member

    Focus said:

    Scare the life out of these rapists. Tell them if they impede your "fade", you will set up a website exposing the Watchtower fraud, and you will name them and have their photographs on page one of the site. Get your camera out and take their photos on the spot, while you say that.

    That works. I told them if they attempt to committee me or dis me in my absence I will take the whole messy story and a complete documented history of their failings and hypocrisy in congregation goings ons and scandals to the press and publish my own book complete with hi res photos of all of them which I have as I shot many org events, parties and assemblies and publish their real names too and locations on my own website that's had over a million views from 147 different countries.

    One elder wrote to me in an email that I can not use these photos without permission to which I replied yes I can as I shot them at a public event and own full copyrite. As long as it's not commercial I can do with them as I please.

    I then said if you want to organise a three manned committee then I too will bring three people. A lawyer, a journalist and an officer of the law.

    That was about 8 months ago. I have not heard another word from them.

    Seems they like to operate behind closed doors. Things that expose them or drag the game into the broad public daylight they avoid like the plague.


    I stated I was suffering from ADD....................................

    ACUTE DOCTRINAL DISTRESS and needed an indefinite break from the regular !

  • braincleaned

    Like DesirousOfChange posted,

    "Postpone (not reschedule) indefinitely.

    Be polite so as not to mess up your fade."

    Best advice.

  • stuckinarut2

    I really feel that you just need to say the following:

    "Bros I am starting to feel like you are hounding me and trying to find some fault with me, is this correct?"

    "I certainly don't feel like I'm being treated in a loving way. It feels contrary to the way Jesus would've treated the flock. May I please ask you to respect my dignity and desist from this line of action. Please remember that I am not a child and I should be treated in a kind and loving way just as I treat you in a kind and loving way"

    "Now how are you all going and how are your families going?"

    "Did you see the game on TV last night (etc etc change subject)"

  • Pistoff

    "So I wouldn't trust ANY elder, at all, no matter how cool they are with you or nice to you or if you've known them for 50 years or they studied with you.

    They all have an agenda, and will turn on you to protect themselves and JW.org."



    Well, they want to meet again. Apparently, I have become a pet project of one Elder. I am sure he means well, just like the Crusaders. I am thinking of acting confused and saying, " I am still thinking about things.., but one thing that puzzels me is this: According to the IC/Loesch's talk, the "dead" at Revelation 20:12 are the resurrected ones. We KNOW that people will be resurrected shortly after the Big A, because they must reach perfection by the end of the 1,000 years. Yet Revelation 20 makes a clear distinction between those ruling with Christ and the "rest of the dead." According to Revelation 20:5, the "rest of the dead" did not come to life until AFTER the 1,000 years had ended. I just can't understand that."

    Of course, I will NEVER go in the back room again.


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