Full-time service is MORE IMPORTANT than taking care of elderly parents!!! It says so in the Sept 2014 WT

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    That attitude is NO DIFFERENT than the Pharisees claiming that their "assets" were dedicated to the Temple. What are a JWs assets? Time,energy, material goods. The WTBTS leaders are modern day Pharisees. They are making the SAME claim with YOUR assets!!! Think about it....

    Show love to your parents! Ignore the pharisaic GB and their pawns in the writing dept!!


  • gingerbread

    The WT uses doublespeak all of the time.

    I charactarize the religion as being like a disfunctional family - abusive and critical tonight .... loving and forgiving in the morning.

    The religion produces people who wear many masks - giving on the surface with selfish motives.

    I know a congregation coordinator who is very proud of the fact that he remained loyal to the Organization by not communicating with his disfellowshipped father - for 20 years up to the dad's death.

    It's the kind of behavior that the Governing Body wants - it demontrates your loyalty to 'Jehovah'.


  • redvip2000

    Have the writers of this drivel stopped to consider for one second what kind of 'witness' this is giving to the outside world? These poor elderly parents are being left to the mercy of members of their congregation to care for their needs because their own flesh and blood need to carry on knocking doors peddling WT literatrash as this is far more important!

    Why is this important? Don't you know that there are million of homeowners waiting to line their birdcages with Watchtower magazine pages? Don't worry about the old ones, they will be brought back to life in pariah-dice.;)

    I like the fact that they call this " the most important work the world has ever known." Imagine that, not cancer research, not humanitarian work, but instead an army of people who drive and walk around all day dropping useless pamphlets that nobody reads. What a colossal waste of time.

  • eyeuse2badub

    They know that more and more, even the long time, full times jw's are looking for an excuse to get out of their situation. By having aging relatives to care for is a perfect excuse to resign. The org is trying to discourage this from happening by using the old guilt trip plan---"jehober needs you more than your aging parents".

    just saying!


  • EndofMysteries

    Bluesbrother - thanks for posting that!! That's exactly what I was talking about. The WT is constantly producing exact opposite things so they can have the elders pull out any answer for any situation they want.

    For example one day you might go to the jw org site and the WT says under it's FAQ on jw.org website, "I heard that JW's are supposed to put preaching ahead of caring for elderly parents, is this true?" And the WT response would be, "That is an absolute lie, worldwide haters of the truth want to spread lies about JW's, we teach that parents come first as you can see in the 5/15 WT where it says.......". THEN that very same writer of that WT article will be typing up a letter to congregation elders about what a pioneer should be doing w/ their elderly parents and he will quote the 9/2014 WT about the full time work being more important, etc.

    Or if a lawsuit came up, they would quote the occassional opposing article to say that the accusation is a lie, etc.

  • solitairelife

    Where is the love? I would not be surprised if one of the things they ask members to do that 'may sound unreasonable from a human standpoint' will be to put aging parents to death by some undetectable means because they are becoming a burden to the work......

  • BucketShopBill

    This "New Light" is allowing the kids to dump, leave, shirk any parental responsiblities by guilting aging JWs who need real help, they get lonely and scared at this age. Let's forget these "gray haired men-and-women-of-fame" in favor of pushing Watchtower liter-a-trash!

    One more thing, did you notice 3 John 1-4 (entire book) has nothing to do with this topic?

    In California we have a mentally ill couple the elders tried to throw on our Congregation. We tried our best trying to help these assholes until we began to suffer from compassion burnout. After a great outcry, the elders contacted the mentally ill woman's sister (88 years old dying off cancer) and tried to pawn the couple off on her. Imagine the loving elders telling someone who is in Hospice "you're not living up to your vow to Jehovah!". When a situation of handing out resources happens, the Watchtower Organization has perfected "Exit Stage Right!". In this situation the Watchtower recommended the Brothers attempt to use the Government agencies to take care of their own, thank Jehovah for Satan's Superior Authorities and Churches that help the poor and mentally ill.

  • clarity

    In the 1960's watchtower said "let the dead bury the dead!"

    In other words, if your family members were not jw's ....

    abandon them to the other "worldlies"!

    Nice guys huh?


  • talesin

    They don't take care of their children, and abuse and torture them, so it's not surprising that they care not for their parents.

    OTOH, if your parents were JW, and neglected and abused YOU, what reason would you have to take care of THEM?

    And I quote the NWT :

    "having NO natural affection"

    yeah, those are not Christ-like people.


  • Divergent

    Clarity, regarding the point that you brought up about "letting the dead bury the dead" -

    One explanation of this account is that the man was lying and giving excuses. If the man's father had indeed died at that time, he would have been with his family instead of being with Jesus! The man's father had likely died much earlier and was already buried! Jesus could well have been exposing the man's hypocrisy when he said "Let the dead bury their dead," indicating that he KNEW the man's father was already dead & buried!

    If one wants to find counsel on caring for elderly parents, they should look no further than 1 Tim 5: 8

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