Full-time service is MORE IMPORTANT than taking care of elderly parents!!! It says so in the Sept 2014 WT

by EndofMysteries 50 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • BucketShopBill

    The Twilight Zone, are you old enough to remember Rod Sterlings master piece series? The episode called "The Obsolete Man", Burgess Meredith play's the role of Romney Wordsworth who does not provide a valid function in the State's mind. Like many elderly JWs and Publishers who can't turn in a Field Service Report they are condemmed by the Watchtower as "Obsolete" and not worth any resources that might be better spent on old State members living in New York. Their hearts grow colder and they tell more brazen lies as each year passes. Jehovah's Witnesses that stand up to their tryanny are condemmed by the Watchtower State to a Spiritual Death. Watch the old Twlight Zone Episode "The Obsolete Man" and notice how many similarites there are with the Organization playing the role of "The State" and people with courage are silenced by death.

    Is it true the old Blue Book said "This Important work will be finished in the 20th Century!"?, the work is over, the shelf-expiriation date is done, 1994 marked the end of the Generation, the State failed by making false prophecies.

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