Full-time service is MORE IMPORTANT than taking care of elderly parents!!! It says so in the Sept 2014 WT

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  • AlphaMan

    The Watchtower religion is so disgusting & evil. As their people get older they are routinely ignored by the congregation because they have health care or home care needs. The JW religion is all about devotion to the Governing Body directives. There is very little Christian charity work towards others in need in the congregation. This religion will suck people's life away in service to the cult, then just discard them to care for themselves the best they can until they die alone. Many times it is their X-JW children they have shunned or ignored over the years that have the decency to extend love and care for aged or sick parents. Most of the time it is not even appreciated, because it comes from family members who have left Jehovah. Stupid idiots are usually too blind to see that Watchtower people don't really give a shit about them if they need help.

  • Newly Enlightened
  • inbetween

    wow, i just read it myself on jw.org, and I´m quite shocked,

    I thought, nothing can surprise me anymore in WT-land, but this certainly did, while I know, that some pioneers always expected the congo to help with their aged parents, at least you could argue with the biblical responsibility of children.

    What about Jesus counsel on the Pharisees who gave something to the temple instead of taking responsibiliy for parents ?

    Mark 7:

    10 For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and mother,’ [d] and, ‘Anyone who curses their father or mother is to be put to death.’ [e] 11 But you say that if anyone declares that what might have been used to help their father or mother is Corban (that is, devoted to God)— 12 then you no longer let them do anything for their father or mother. 13 Thus you nullify the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.”

    unbelievable how the WT more and more openly distorts scriptures.....

  • BU2B

    And they dont even stop to consider why the parents are so needy to begin with. If they had not been conned by the WT into not preparing for old age financially, mentally, or emotionally then perhaps they would not be such a burden. Maybe they could afford a retirement, or assisted living community, or perhaps a personal assistant.

    My other thought was how contadictory and confusing the WT message often is. How can children who have given up college or a good career afford to help out anyone? How can one person who is broke help another who is broke? 0+0=0

  • flipper

    Wow, this IS pretty disgusting as it goes right along with what has happened to my 87 yr.old JW mom since February. As some know here she was FINALLY put in an A+ rated assisted living facility - but only after I got adult protective services and an ombudsman involved to thwart my elder JW brother and my elder 89 yr.old dad from keeping mom in a welfare type hospital facility. Since being moved there two months ago my dad travels an hour down the hill to visit her 3 times per week , however my brother who is the head accountant of the RBC hardly ever calls her and is busy with his " kingdom " priorities traveling with his wife doing WT Society bidding on remodeling kingdom halls, you know the WT Ponzi scheme.

    These comments in this WT really frost my balls, " Still, THOSE BACK HOME may help those in the full-time ministry by being ready to PROVIDE CARE IF AGING PARENTS NEED ASSISTANCE. " ( BS - It's the parents JW adult children who are PRIMARILY responsible to provide care for aging parents ! ) The continued quote reads, " Bear in mind that full-time servants have SIGNIFICANT RESPONSIBILITIES in the MOST IMPORTANT work the world has ever known. " Jesus that makes me so angry ! Preaching and spreading religious propaganda is NOT more important than caring for one's own aging parents !

    Once again WT leaders continue to foster and promote this attitude within the GB of being " legends in their own mind " claiming that anything THEY are doing is more important than caring for aged parents. And this being " legends in their own mind " attitude permeates and trickles down to my older elder brother, C.O's, D.O.'s.pioneers - ANYBODY involved in the full time service for the WT Society- basically their shit doesn't stink and the rest of the JW's have to arrange their lives to take care of these alleged " special " servants life responsibilities to their own parents. Just disgusting. Somebody get me a barf bag. All I got to say, end of rant

  • WTWizard

    There is exactly one valid reason to not take care of aging parents when one is in a position to do so. If your parents have a long-term pattern of being mean-spirited, one would have good reason to not take care of them. This is in line with not turning the other cheek--you abuse your children during their childhood, you shouldn't expect to get anything back from them.

    And that's it. If one's parents were reasonable, the children are in a position to help them, and they see fit, there is no reason why joke-hova should come first. As I see it, there is nothing to stop joke-hova from doing the whole work itself. If that thing really wanted it done (and not just to ruin lives), it could get the work done, in parallel, through the whole world. Maybe 5 minutes at most. No parents would be left because their children had their lives robbed from them for this stupid work. No children would be forced to choose between their parents (in the case where they genuinely deserve to be cared for) and joke-hova (who doesn't). The work could have been done all in 1872, people would have had until 1874 to prepare, and the end would have come in 1874 on time. But, as this didn't happen and people are forced to live whole lifetimes (and now, their children's) in a perennial fake emergency, it is blatant that joke-hova simply wants to prepare us all for communism and slavery.

  • sir82

    Cool - a direct contradiction only a few months apart. Usually you have to wait years.

    The WT study just 4 or 5 weeks agao was all about the responsibility of JWs to care for their aging parents. Now this one, to be studied in, what - December? - tells "full-time" JWs it is not only OK, but commendable, to leave their aging parents to fend for themselves as best they can.

  • pixel

    Disgusting thinking!

  • AlphaMan

    Paragraph 20 out of the article in the Sept 2014 study WT about fulltime service says this...

    Bear in mind that full-time servants have significant responsibilities in the most important work the world has ever known. ( Matt. 28:19, 20 ) Could you or your congregation lend a hand if the parents of full-time servants need help?"


    Full time servants doing the most important work the world has EVER known? What a joke. The Watchtower morons putting this out are absolutely bat-shit crazy. What does full time service actually involve? You drive around wasting your time & money knocking on doors where most people are not at home, and 99.9% of those at home do not want anything to do with this cult. Bible studies are usually with someone who is not really interested, but just an easy in-door count of time. Hard to believe people choose this nonsense over helping their aged or sick parents in need.

  • Jaidubdub

    This really makes my blood boil!!! I am the primary carer for my mum (she is in a wheelchair) and have managed to keep a full time job and a pretty active personal & social life which hasn't been easy. My super-dub elder brother does nothing And hasn't for years. His wife works only 1 day a week so she could 'pioneer' - she now sits on her ass all day instead. No help with the endless doctors and specialists appointments or anything else. He's never even offered to take his own mum to the meeting - another elder comes and takes her instead. When they made him an elder I was so pissed off, it was what stopped my going to meetings. I bumped into our CO not long after they made my brother an elder and I said 'my brother treats his own mum like crap, and what do you guys do? You reward him. Even the wordly people I work with think his treatment of his mum is disgraceful, but I guess you guys don't really care what wordly people think'. he looked a little dumb-founded and lost for words....

    rant over....

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