Most absurd thing I heard at the convention yesterday!

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  • steve2

    Quite apart from his embarrassingly patronizing tone, Lett's overly emphatic hand gestures and roundly bulging eyes totally subvert his spoken messages. Long after this man's snactimonious messages are forgotten, the bulging eyes and gaping mouth linger. Extremely off-putting in anyone but a clown.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "There is more evidence to prove Gods kingdom on the earth is a reality than wind,electricity and gravity is a reality on the earth"

    What an idiot. Just because Lett doesn't understand wind, electricity, or gravity, it means they aren't reality? Perhaps he should grab a line labeled "high voltage", or step off a tall building, or stand in the path of a tornado. The fact is, if someone goes apostate against wind, electricity, or gravity, they get plenty of evidence, very quickly, that these are realities that deserve complete respect.

    However, when I realized that Jehovah wasn't a reality and went apostate against the JW cult, I very quickly saw there was no evidence to prove that god had any such kingdom on earth. It was all a money-making hoax for WT Corp.

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    There was also quite a bit said about having favorite sport teams and rooting for them. It was under the guise of nationalism.

    I enjoyed it since all my crazy in laws are very picky about the things that they don't enjoy....but they do enjoy their sports teams.

    also there were some cute college boys standing with a sign outside the stadium. The sign had a sripture about not boasting under the Christ. The elders made sure everyone crossed the sidewalk so no one went near them. They had the boys surrounded.

    i smiled at them from across the street. They said, "good morning" I heartedly returned the good morning.

    then I went into the stadium to hear all the boasting.

  • Quarterback

    My wife and I have heard so many absurd things from, GB members that we know when to turn a deaf ear, or not let it upset us anymore. We were privilleged to not have a GB member present at our RC this summer

  • blondie

    "There is more evidence to prove Gods kingdom on the earth is a reality than wind, electricity and gravity is a reality on the earth"==Steven Lett

    Supposedly those things cannot be seen physically by human eyes..............

    What proof/evidence did he give that God's kingdom is on earth? Is that what he said? Is God's kingdom on earth? Or over the earth per the WTS?

    He says that there is more evidence not no evidence that wind, electricity, and gravity are a reality? So what evidence is there about the reality of those

    *** be p. 280 par. 2 The Message We Must Proclaim ***

    An important aspect of this work involves reading or quoting scriptures that refer to the Kingdom. When you refer to the Kingdom, be sure that those to whom you speak understand what it is. More may be required than simply saying that God’s Kingdom is a government. Some people may find it difficult to think of something invisible as a government. You might reason with them in various ways. For example, gravity is invisible, but it has a powerful effect on our lives. We cannot see the One who made the law of gravity, but it is obvious that he has great power. The Bible refers to him as “the King of eternity.” (1 Tim. 1:17) Or you might reason that in a large country, many people have never been to the capital or seen their ruler in person. They learn about these through news reports.


  • Finkelstein

    Is it surprising to hear illogical stupid things from men who are pent up delusional that they think they are the true rulers of

    God's own Kingdom here on earth.

    Knowing human psychology one shouldn't be at least surprised from these particular men making statements such as that.

    In essence Lett was just reconfirming his own power and assumed personal identity.


  • Jeannette

    That's what it is, Billy. A hoax, a money-making hoax of the WT Corp.

  • wokeup

    I've understood the governing bodies' stance they believe 'they' are running the physical manifestation

    of God's Kingdom on earth, AKA the Watchtower. Their doctrine on the execution of events leading to their furher glorification

    was re-iterated at this years convention in one of Friday's talks. The speaker stated the faithful slave/anointed were

    to be wisked to heaven at the outbreak of the Tribulation, crowned as kings, then to swoop back down to

    earth and take out all those that did not obey them during their stint at Watchtower. Ushering in the New World (order).

    The survivors will then be under their loving guidance for a 1,000 years more.

  • blondie

    Do you remember any publication quotes that the kingdom of God is on earth now...I've looked and found nothing.

  • Finkelstein

    Do you remember any publication quotes that the kingdom of God is on earth now...I've looked and found nothing.

    To be more accurate the WTS has stated that their organization is god's earthly arrangement chosen exclusively by god (1919).


    Its his blessed arrangement to choose a fraudulent corrupt organization of charlatans based in US.

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