"It's not religious..." Wait... What???

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  • leaving_quietly

    Reading this thread, I keep having this going through my head:

    Psalm 26:4: "I do not associate with deceitful men, And I avoid those who hide what they are."

  • Quarterback

    What was that person really trying to do in offering that track? Counting FS time for the massage?

  • Quarterback

    How do you relate that experience in the Service meeting? Well, while I was butt naked, and my glutes were being worked over, I offered this tract on, "Who Really Rules the World".

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    This is nothing new. My ex used to get so offended if I would refer to the JW's as a religion as they believe they have the true belief and are better than other religions. The funny thing is after leaving the JW's, I would hear other religions like Pentecostals referring to their beliefs as the "Truth".

  • rebel8

    Seriously, he could get her to quit rather easily.

    There's lots of massage techniques, meditation stuff, etc. that he could start talking about as incessantly as she talks about her non-religion. Discuss chakras, etc. He could say something about how he did a ritual in all the rooms to bring the positive spirits there and they're speaking to him now no matter where he goes in the building. They are telling him they are trying to possess her or something.

    Deliver this news with a secretive wink. She will freak out and quit.

  • sparrowdown

    Not religious?..hehehe that's funny.

    She probably tells people it's not a cult aswell.

    " we are about paradise earth and cuddling pandas and world peace, which we will have once God destroys all the people who make him sad".

  • smiddy

    She probably still beleives J.F.Rutherfords statement : "Religion Is A Snare And A Racket "

    Hang on , so do I.


  • eyeuse2badub

    JW's do not lie. They are not taught to use mis leading phrases! They only use "theocratic warfare". There is a difference--although no one---sane can explain the difference.

    just saying!


  • dynamiterose77

    Clarification: The woman wasn't a client, she works there. Also, she's the owner's mother (who apparently isn't a JW) and he asked that everyone just ignore her. Mike throws all the watchtowers she leaves in the break room into the trash.

    She actually got quite volitile with Mike over a bible passage that she claimed wasn't true. She called the elders, loudly, and apparently got told the same thing Mike told her, because she got quiet and looked completely shamed.

    I'll ask Mike about what passage it was.

  • Quarterback

    You can't win an argument with the Boss's mother.

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