jw.org getting out of hand

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    Ah, the Usual Activists Doing Nothing Advantageous, with an Uncanny Ability to Deliver No Action.

    A few Under Achievers who Do Not Accomplish anything.

    What a Useless Alignment of Downright Narcissistic A'holes.


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    stuckinarut2: What is different about JW.ORG pendants, logos, etc and the use of a crucifix or cross by other Christians?

    Succinct! I'll use this question to create some internal conflictions, thank you.


  • whathehadas

    The only problem with using the IPads heavily in the meetings, is having a possible malfunction. Deep shit for the poor brother/sister on stage with a frozen IPad and no backup source of material. LOL

  • RubaDub

    jw.org getting out of hand

    No doubt about it ...

    I was on the site last evening and it kept saying to call the 800 number flashing at the bottom of the screen in the next 10 minutes to receive a free copy of the new DVD. It did seem like a good offer when it said you can double the spiritual blessings and get a second DVD for free if you just pay separate processing and handling.

    Rub a Dub

  • Vidiot

    Okay; this is getting pretty fricking weird.

    Didn't someone suggest recently that the WTS actually might want old-timer JWs to take a hike?

    Gotta admit; if that's the case, this is definately a step in the right direction.

  • Ocean1111

    I think the purpose is to have a "logo" to also idolize amongst the pantheon of other globalized brands. It is now the JWs who are the "product" and the commercialization is like a cherry on top of the wormwood sundae in a scarlet bowl. Now the religion is a commercial for the Atlanta Visitors Bureau, a big distracting JW show. The GB get's the Academy Award.

  • startingover

    RubaDub. Thanks for the laugh! Your humor is appreciated.

  • Apognophos

    They still don't decided which line the dot stays...

    I see a theocratical split in this: the JW dotters and the Dot orggers.

    Haha, it's finally happening, there's factions emerging at the HQ! I do wish I understood what was going on with that dot....

    Drilling the jw.org theme into the skulls of the rank and file over and over and over again is their way to try to control where they go on the internet.

    Perhaps we'll have a new songbook soon with songs about jw.org?

  • 4thgen

    I hate it too!

    When you think about it, they are a PRINTING AND PUBLISHING company, after all.

    So the printed word is out of style, must move onto printing and distributing company logo items... to keep the publishing company alive! And the models of the latest logo brand items are the GB!

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