jw.org getting out of hand

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  • Gorbatchov

    It seems the Watchtower staff have made a runaway train with the introduction of the mark JW.org.

    The combination of using a gadget driven platform and the fact that the common JW is low educated and easely influenced

    by new occurrings in their religion makes the situation getting out of hand.

    Proof: GB members wearing jw.org buttons during their speech, gifts with jw.org are given away, umbrellas with the jw.org are available.

    Jw.org is more important then God, his Son and the gospel.

    It's the gadget and the jw.org mark that counts.

    I am so happy my grandparents are not confronted with these idiots.

    It's a runaway train heading to the end of the track.


  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    A focus of devotion to an organization...oh wait, that's an idol!!

  • Pistoff

    They have gone from demonizing the internet and Facebook to becoming tech junkies.

    If only they would spend a third of what the website costs on writers.

    The irony is that as they have become adept at IT, their content gets weaker and weaker.

  • Focus

    It's only a matter of time before UADNA obtains a Watters-Type of defector or mole...

    ... equipped with the needed passwords. What has been obtained so far has proved insufficient.

    While they have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect themselves...Matt. 19:26 is on our side, right?

    You need not concern yourself with too much research on this, unlike the Beroeans ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ancient_Beroeans)

    Your hard-working brothers are striving right now to bring Satan herself into the pockets of every tech-equipped Elder, MS and publisher in the advanced world.

    Please notice how well-behaved I'm being. No more misconduct such as when the Witnet DB got turned over, and then the H2O board too, more than a few times. Such amazing goings on. I haven't even mentioned





    ("Demonized" Class)

  • joe134cd

    My how times have changed. I remember been told off for giving a bible reading from a print off I had made of the bible. Now it's almost encouraged. I believe it's only a matter of time before they back track on social networking and fully embrace it.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They have gone from demonizing the internet and Facebook to becoming tech junkies.

    Have you forgotten? The GB has always been on the leading edge of technology!

    I know because I heard it over and over on the Dist Conv program.

    My mother called me after her Dist Conv and gave me that line. See! That's proof that Jehovahs is using them. Why can't a smart guy like me see that I am about to LOSE OUT on everything? The END(TM) is obviously very, very close.


  • JWdaughter

    The content being weaker is a reflection of one thing-attention spans are shorter and people have lots ofother sites to visit. Few go to the internet for anything other than to have their ears (metaphorically) tickled. I've even noticed that I am not as likely to dig into things online anymore-lots of distractions. Unless something REALLY catches my interest-I stay on the surface because there is just info overload.

    Plus, JWs ultimately have nothing important to say. Whatever urgency they had, is lost-and honestly, as their credibility is shot (and so easily discovered, even with only cursory research) that they will never get back the kind of response that they got in the early 70's.

    The only ones that would bewilling to drink the coolaid are the ones that have been in since then or who are raised obsessively by JWs were are still deluded. I don't think any new ones will give them the kind of loyalty that they demand, though they might show up for meetings.

  • WTWizard

    And suppose the server on that site crashes and goes down for a few days? It happens--I have seen this site go down at times. What are they going to promote if anything happens to that site, such as malware that can be planted by hackers (they can hit any site), or it goes down for whatever reason?

    Besides this, there are many better sites online. This is one. I also visit the silver price page quite a bit, since I like to time my purchases when the price is low or falling. Battery Junction is another, for when I need equipment to handle those inevitable rolling blackouts for our coming energy crisis. I also visit Joy of Satan, and I think everyone contemplating baptism as a jokehovian needs to read the Exposing Christianity section of that site in its entirety plus Crisis of Conscience (each posing a different viewpoint toward Christi-SCAM-ity but both exposing the washtowel). YouTube is also far better than the washtowel site.

  • UFCFan

    They need to change their motto to "Advertise advertise advertise the king and his website."

  • John_Mann

    (Proof: GB members wearing jw.org buttons during their speech, gifts with jw.org are given away, umbrellas with the jw.org are available.)


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