Breaking News :Charity Commission takes Wathtower to Tribunal in Britain

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    Hey everyone. They were pimping charity at the RC.

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    The Commission says this about the organization.

    The trustees of each of the charities have indicated to the Commission that they intend to challenge the regulator's decisions to open the statutory inquiries in the First-tier Tribunal (Charity). - See more at:

    This organization is unable to subject itself to higher authorities as the bible instructs them too. They should consider themselves as being blessed because the Commission will review their policies and provide some common sense approach to it's management and this is free. Instead they act like the bad little boy who denies he did anything wrong.

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    Another link

    provides this information

    The commission said it opened a case into the charity in July last year amid concerns about its approach to safeguarding matters.

    It said its concerns had been "amplified by recent criminal cases concerning historic incidents of abuse involving individuals who appear to have been connected to Jehovah’s Witnesses congregations and/or the charity".,,,,A statement issued by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Britain on behalf of it and the Manchester New Moston congregation said the commission’s decision to open statutory inquiries into both charities had been "premature".

    The Commission will probably find that it is not appropriate for elders to question children regarding alleged abuses. This is appropriate but it will really stuff the organization up as they will be losing a 'witness' as part of their two witness policy.


    Look for the ORG start some form of charity , even if it's only for Jws. Loesch spoke of charity quite often He said the ORG cares for the spiritual and physical needs of people. BS. I imagine some half-assed reforms are in the works.


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    Data-Dog - "Look for the ORG start some form of charity, even if it's only for JWs... I imagine some half-assed reforms are in the works."

    I'm skeptical.

    They've drawn a line in the sand regarding the "two-witness" rule; what makes you think they'll blink on this?

    Besides, too many changes in WT policy in too short a time, and you risk alienating too many of the rank-and-files too soon to manage the exodus and keep it on the DL.

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    I got a feeling that if the WT looses it's charity status in a couple of noncommunist countries, a dominos effect will occur and they will loose it almost everywhere.

    Add to this the fact that the WT corporation's home state New York is going to give them a audit due to the ;'Charities Revitalization Act' being signed into effect this year. Things are looking pretty shaky for the Faithful and Discreet Slave Scam/God Corporation Religious Educational Charity Scam, so that people won't be swept away by Jehovah the Corporation sock for a lack of secret knowledge that leads to everlasting life scam.

    Ain't a higher education that don't take fairy tales as gospel truth a bitch for the WT Corporation Worldwide Scam.

    Either each covered organization must have an Audit
    Committee consisting of independent directors,
    or the independent directors on its Board must
    perform the duties of an Audit Committee.
    Basic Duties of the Audit Committee
    The Audit Committee or the independent directors
    on the Board must:
    (a) oversee the accounting and financial reporting
    processes of the organization and the audit of its
    financial statements;
    (b) annually retain or renew the retention of an
    independent auditor;
    (c) review with the independent auditor the results
    of the audit (including the management letter); and
    (d) oversee the adoption and implementation of, and
    compliance with, any Conflict of Interest Policy or
    Whistleblower Policy (unless performed by another
    committee consisting solely of independent


    The ORG will do anything to survive. Financial trouble or the threat of, ( think about the end of selling their litteratrash) will cause a change that would never happen for moral reasons. As far as the two-witness rule, that may change depending on the Conti verdict.


    I have realized that no amount of changes/adjustment will alienate the faithful. Thats why they are the faithful.


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    This is the text of my submission to the Charities Commission. I have made it clear that I never was a dub and have no connection with them.

    "I am a retired Detective Inspector, and a Fraud Squad commander with wide experience in child safeguarding issues. My research into WTBTS gives me grave concern re.

    1. Institutional policies regarding how allegations of abuse are dealt with as mandated by the organisation

    2. The control exercised by the organisation (WTBTS - 1077961) over local congregations (e.g. 1065201) in relation to this matter

    3. The obfuscation caused by the parent organisation as to the status of the leaders of the local organisations. It appears that 'deniable' instructions are issued by the parent organisation and that there is a substantial serious lack of transparent accountability in this area - which, in practice and effect, appears to me to go against recommended best practice.

    4. (This is not directly connected to PR 48/14 but may be associated). Very recent financial developments vis-a-vis the parent organisation and local organisations suggest a substantial movement of capital (or at least a transfer on balance sheets) which may substantially affect potential damages/compensation claims against the organisation.

    I would be happy to discuss this with you further if it would assist."

    I will report back if I am contacted for further information. These concerns are at least now officially recorded.

    I am happy to make a further submission - factually based, of course (emotions don't help here) - if I have overlooked something.

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    Wow. Thanks!

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