Atlanta Int Convention 2014:The Big Party. Does this look like WT believes Armageddon is coming "soon"?

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  • One Last Kiss
    One Last Kiss

    The 'aren't we so blessed' nonsense astounded me, just do a quick Google of Atlanta religious conventions and see how many other faiths are 'blessed' by God (or would that be Satan??) - there's even an interesting article about religious meetings filling a gap in the cities convention economy!

    But that tourism slant.... wow...coke, really? one of the biggest of Big Business? The increase in vile hypocrisy and two faced claptrap is truly wondrous to behold. Evangelising works are apparently on hold, they must be doing such a good job lately in the mute trolley bystander field

    Thanks for posting, has really got my goat but that's a good thing, means I'm alive and free thinking

    One Last Kiss x

  • maninthemiddle

    All I know is I would NEVER park my car at the Holmes MARTA station.

    we never had music and activites after a convention, who here didn't go in service after the convention, especially in the days of 4 or more day day long convention.

  • LostGeneration

    Whaaat??? Dude leads off with all of the things that will be destroyed 'soon' by Jah. How does that make any sense?

    And the delegates get to tour the Pen where the GB was imprisoned? Wow, persecution complex much?

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    The last time I was in Atlanta for a convention was in 1969. Open stadium during the day close to 100 degrees then the rain storms came in with all the lightning then the steam bath. Nine in the morning to nine at night 7 or 8 days long. It took over a week to get well becuase of all the extreme heat. No party's, not tours not even any ice. There was a ice shortage that week because of the heat. Only nonsense the big A was almost here. I was 15 at the time and that is the only convention I remember and hate to this day. The way they treated people back then is just unbelievable. I would have learned more if I stayed home and fish off my dock behind my parents house. LOL Still Totally ADD

  • gingerbread

    This is another example of the organization's rebranding into - the 'new' Jehovah's Witnesses of the 21st century.

    "Who needs vacation? Just listen, obey and be blessed by the Governing Body at the Atlanta International Convention!"

    This is a business deal with the city of Atlanta. The city of Raleigh, North Carolina PAYS the branch to have the conventions there!

  • johnamos

    Pause it at 4:55 and look and read at all that you see there and remember it.

    Watch the following starting at 11:10 to 12:52

    Read the following:

    [2-15-12 WT 14 In a selfish and nationalistic world, it is refreshing to find individuals who can and do look beyond national borders. Granted, overcoming prejudices can be difficult. The founder of the television network CNN, Ted Turner, comments about his work with a number of talented individuals from various nations: “Meeting with these people was an incredible experience. I came to see those from other countries not as ‘foreigners,’ but as fellow citizens of the planet. I began to view the word ‘foreign’ as pejorative and created a rule within CNN that the word could not be used either on air or in conversation around the office. Instead, the word ‘international’ was to be used.”

    15 In lands around the globe, only Jehovah’s Witnesses have adopted God’s way of thinking as a group. By learning to see things as Jehovah does, they have been able mentally and emotionally to break down national barriers. Instead of treating members of differing national groups with distrust, suspicion, or even outright hatred, they have learned to cherish the variety of characteristics and abilities of these groups as something beautiful. Have you reflected on this accomplishment and how it has benefited you personally in dealing with others?]

    Watch the following:

  • kneehighmiah

    wow! These guys don't believe the end is coming. But they do love controlling people and wasting their gas. I guess the direction to drive all the way to the other side of the city to take the Marta is the direction that is "unsound from a strategic standpoint." All the good JWs will believe they're pleasing Jehovah. I'm embarrassed to at one time have been under the influence of such brainwashing.

    im also a minority. I dont want to turn this into a racial thing. I'll just say that im not surprised the video featured minorities prominently. As usual they're the ones told to obey and be blessesed. Guess what color the friends were who told the GB they were not going to the Detroit convention, which necessitated the propaganda video? Yes white. The white friends are usually the "rebels" and apostates because they are usually better educated and independent. As the org becomes more cult like it reminds me of how some cults like Jim jones are more attractive to minorities. i just got creeped out by a bunch of black brothers and a Hispanic family talking about how to please and obey the nearly all white governing body, with their creepy picture included.

    also a further rewrite of JW history. So apparently the JWs had a governing body in 1919. As Dwight from The Office would say "False!" They are determined to work the governing body teaching in.

  • WingCommander

    I.......I......I can't believe what I'm seeing. I actually thought some of things we've been hearing on here lately might be a bit overblown, but now I'm a believer. My parents are spinning in their graves. To say that I no longer recognize the religion of my youth, is an understatement. (I'm 34)

    Notable Points from video:

    1.) I thought this was gonna be some sort of spoof at first, then I saw the actual Convention Overseer (Donnie Starrett) was the one narrating this, and even shown at 0:33. I can't believe he mentioned "celebreties" and the corporations, etc in the opening. This is blatant Idolotry! I am floored by this incredible display of materialistic, elevated self-worship. It is narcassistic.

    2.) They are pulling a "Rutherford" by reading a passage from Revelation (7:9), and then applying it to some obscure cult convention in 2014 Atlanta, USA. History really does repeat itself.

    3.) 1:50, we see a guy on the Hospitality Committee (Hey, how many handicapped are attending again?) talking about the delegates, and directly behind him is the "rainbow books" of Rutherford / Knorr era, which are ironically ALL "Old Light". Didn't anyone let this guy know he's supposed to remove those old worthless publications to the dumpster, just like all the rest of the local Kingdom Halls? Sheesh!

    4.) At 2:55, the only building that could accommodate what "The Governing Body wanted....." - Wow, we can really start to see who's in charge, can't we? Cult Alert! Cult Alert!

    5.) At 4:50, we are shown some of the "private homes" that "some" of the delegates will be staying at. Now I ask all of you, how many JW's did you know that stayed in homes that looked like this? That is some rich-ass JW's that would have homes looking like that! Imagine what for a SHOCKER the poor delegates are bound to be in for when they arrive at their host-homes and see what they are REALLY in for? Hahahahahahaaha! Jaws will be on floors, for sure!

    6.) 5:07. Governing Body put on display for world to see. Mark Sanderson, is front in center with a red-striped tie to draw your attention away from his big bald head. This guy is going to be running the show, if he isn't already. Someone should have told Geoffery Jaskson that the suit color of the day was "blue."

    7.) 5:28, "Listen, Obey, and be blessed." Do what they tell you to do, and ride that stinking MARTA train in, and don't complain about it! The indoctrination of the children with this new propoganda motto is down-right creepy and scary. A whole new generation of brainless, non-thinking WT zombies is in the making, and it ain't pretty!

    8.) 6:15, riding the MARTA is apparently "testing our obediance to theocratic direction." What an incredible statement to make on a public video. Just incredible mind control going on here. They are so bold, they might as well claim, "Do as we say or else!" Same thing really.

    9.) 7:58, we hear that delegates will be taking a tour up to a FEDERAL PENITENTIARY, to see exactly where Booze Rutherford was imprisoned! What a "Grand ol' time" that will be! Can you imagine the inmates getting a look at some of the Sisters passing thru? What a blessing from the Governing Body! More like creature worship and an immense waste of time, if you ask me. Who but idiot JW's (and possibly Mormons) would brag about the imprisonment of their previous idiot leaders? **Insert EPIC face palm here**

    10.) 8:15, we are told that 15 nights of wonderful entertainment will be provided. Can you old timers on here tell us about the entertainment you were treated to in the tent cities during the conventions at Yankee Stadium way back in the day? Even I remember as a child going to 4 to 6 day conventions and sweating ass in the heat, nearly dying of exhaustion. I wonder, how much did renting the Buckhead Theater cost in donation money? JW's are made to feel guilty for any outside entertainment, vacations, etc.....but yet THIS is being provided thru donations? The hypocrisy, oh the hypocrisy, and a showy display of means at that.

    11.) 8:20, since when are JW's allowed to play musical instruments again? When do they have time? I thought all hobbies and anything other than JW interests were a waste of one's time, and better spent in the Field Ministry? This was the excuse given to me as a child when I wanted to join school band? Where did these JW's come from, who can play music? I'm floored. Aren't these people considered spiritually weak?

    12.) 8:45, we are shown direction as to the size of a bag of food allowed into the venue. As a bodybuilder, I eat 6 times a day. This bag would only hold 1/2 my food, and certainly not enough for a family for an entire day. This is CULT 101, keep people hungry and they will stay awake to intake your indoctrination. Steven Hassan covered this in Combatting Cult Mind Control. This level of control (over food even) is sinister.

    13.) 9:35, it's going to be a great program because, "Members of the Governing Body are attending." You heard it here first.......the new Popes will be arriving in their Pope-mobil to bless the crowds of brain-dead door-knockers. I can't believe I heard/seen this for myself. Astounding.

    14.) I wouldn't call a Jehovah's Witness convention "The time of my life" anymore than I'd call a root-canal refreshing. What are these people high on?

    15.) Closing sequence has that little girl repeating (for emphasis, remember?) Listen, Obey, and be Blessed. This is some scary, scary shit we are seeing right here. Jim Jones would think he had died and gone to cult heaven. It's uncanny.

    Special Note: Jesus wasn't mentioned even ONCE in this entire Christian, tooting-their-own horn video. Now THAT, is messed up. And even Jehovah got out-ranked by the Governing Body. This entire convention is about THEM, their image, their creature worship, and public relations. Advertising the Kingom or Jesus is now dead LAST to living high off the hog.

    - Wing Commander

  • cultBgone

    Saving this to watch after a few beers....couldn't do it 100% sober, I'm sure.

  • kneehighmiah

    Wing commander your post is excellent sir. I'm also a big time lifter. I hated convention days. No mid morning snack. I needed my Greek yogurt and fruit at 10:30 am.

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