Why do Christian nations think they can assimilate Muslims into their communities , does Islam attempt to assimilate Christians in their communities ?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I know many moderate Moslems. I am counting African-American converts. Moslems died at Ground Zero. Islam led the world in so many ways. There is no grand war between Moslems and Christianity - or even Judaism. Does the KKK represent me? Westboro Baptist? No way.

  • villagegirl

    I knew many "moderate" JW's, but, they still believed the GB

    was the sole channel and the "organization" came first and

    women should be in subjection, and they are the

    in the "truth" and everyone else is "worldly"

    These moderates, in Africa and the Islands, sometimes

    have their own versions of things. The Ayatollahs, the

    Sharia Law, the mandatory covering of women, the

    treatment of women in countries like Pakistan, reveals the

    heart of Quran and its teachings. Its a 6th century religion

    whose history has been to conqueor by the sword and that is

    written down in the Quran. They did assimilate other cultures

    and build beautiful buildings, so did Hindus, and Buddhists,

    but with perhaps more benign methods and intent ?

  • Berengaria

    I haven't read the entire thread, but it seems that the OP is forgetting one of the most important aspects of this discussion. Government. Theocracies. In the not too distant past we had Christian Theocracies in Europe. Some very ugly shit went down in the name of "God". That is the essential problem today. Frankly if the Religious Right in America were to achieve complete control I have no doubt we would see similar attrocities.

  • JWdaughter

    Having just gotten back from Pakistan, I can say that the women I saw were treated beautifully. Few womn covered their hair in Sindh/Karachi (major city). It is a totally different life, but those who are provincial can never appreciate that not everyone lives like the people in their zip code.

  • villagegirl

    JWdaughter - You are a Muslim ? and you used to be a JW ? Is that correct ?

    Being in high control group with lots of rules and separation of women and

    women as property, this appeals to you and makes you feel protected ?

    869 women were stoned to death by mobs, beaten to death or stabbed

    to death or burned to death in Pakistan in 2013 and all these killings

    were "honor killings" so you better follow the rules and watch your step my dear.

  • jhine

    Going back to the op. what are Christians supposed to do Smiddy . Christians trying to force Muslims to convert during the Crusades etc is seen as barbaric (rightly so ) and as bad as what SOME Muslims are doing today . When Christians actually follow their faith and love their enemies then you seem to think that that is encouraging extremism . What is your practical answer to the problem ?

    Village Girl and JW Daughter seem to have very different ideas about Islam and as JWD is actually a Muslim I think that you should know what you are talking about . I have never read the Quran so I do not know the attitude towards women that is taught . JWD are women seen as second class citizens , is it recommended to beat your wife ? You mention that you are able to read the Quran in context , so does that mean that others can use a different context for their own purposes , as does happen with the Bible , the Watchtower being a good example ,


  • Mikado

    The women I work wit's are NOT seen as. possessions, they are independent and run their own businesses.

    They run for parliament.

    they don't wear the scarf.

    They are single women who own dogs..

    they are no more controlled than women in any other society.

    Why are you unable to see that Pakistan etc has many other cultural issues that have become bound up with Islam, so how can you so cavalierly discarded so many others lived experiences of Islam.

    It sort of makes me wonder if you actually made many friends in whatever Muslim country you lived in, NONE of the women I work with live those sorts of lives, NONE of them do

  • Mikado

    Village girl, you have NO idea how rude you are actually being. Threatening someone with an honour killing is an outrageous thing to say.

  • speargrass55

    Hey Mikado, what of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Iran? You can be an Islam apologist if you want. Islam is incompatible with modern values, period. Can you name a single predominantly Muslim country at peace without a brutal dictator at the helm? That's right. None.

  • Mikado

    Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world.

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