Prescott Arizona

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  • AudeSapere

    ducatijoe - you have a pm.


  • Smiles

    "It amazes me how far off some of you wander in these discussions."

    Joe: I competely agree with you. Posting Guidelines for this forum,
    which are enumerated below on this page, state users are to avoid:

    10. Posting an off-topic comment.

    That is exactly what some users have done here. You posted a topic
    asking if anyone here is acquainted with your area of Arizona. Then,
    rather than welcome you to the forum/productively discuss on-topic,
    some of the winners here belittle your screename and question your
    motives for using this website... and that's just plain rude. You will
    see a lot of that here. Just remember who you're possibly dealing with,
    and once you wade though that you will likely find some valuable and
    helpful information on this website.


  • eva luna
    eva luna


  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Prescott is my hometown. I then moved to Cottonwood in 1979. I know several of the long-time families & elders from that entire area. It doesn't matter if I give out info about who or what I know, what are they going to do DF me?


    WELCOME DucatiJoe.

    Let me guess, you got tired of Elder Burnside's BS?

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    I want to publicly apologize to Joe.

    I truly was suspicious of his post and doubted his intentions were genuine, especially being that his post as a new member coincided with the scandal developing with a KH in his area. The post seemed suspiciously like a JW elder trying to "out" apostates or awake JWs in that area by baiting them into revealing themselves.

    I've PM'd him a few times and he seems like a decent guy who's been beat up by the WT organization.

    It was not my intention to hurt his feelings, and I hope he gives JWN another shot. He can use our support.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Welcome, I've never been to AZ, but it's on my list :)

    Carpe Diem!

  • Magnum

    AndDontCallMeShirley - to your last post.

    You just did something the org never does - apologize.

  • rebel8

    Hi OP and welcome.

    Click on the button on the top called "members". Look how many there are! You can't really generalize about all of us based on a few posters.

    I think the best thing about this forum is its sense of humor.

  • Quarterback

    Welcome, Duca

    I got to see an Arizona sunset recently, and was truly amazed. You sure live in a beautiful State.

  • UN informed
    UN informed

    I was baptized in Prescott in 1961. I was 15. I lived there for about a year. I was friends with Frank Reed, knew Bud Dotson, Jack Walker, Schenkles, Fred somebody, etc. Another Friend, Tom Vodopich was an elder there for some years. Any of these names ring a bell? Brant Jones

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