Vacation Destination: Looking for Input

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Ireland - wrong side of the road, but family friendly.

  • problemaddict
    problemaddict here are some thoughts now that I see where you are leaning. Also, I didn't see alot of interest in Argentina.....but it might be a really nice mix of all of the things you are looking for. Safe, beautiful, historical, culturally different, and from Florida the flights are reasonable as well as shorter than from most places. You could even package it with a rougher place like Bolivia or Peru (Machu Pichu off of the bucket list is cool).

    I went through almost all of south America. Brazil is very Afro Carribean, but witht he world cup, it will be almost impossible to get ahotel depending on when you go.

    I've been to Scotland/Ireland, and that was fantastic. Just pick the sunnier time of year. Bars are some of the best parts of those maybe later when the kids are older?

    I personally wouldn't screw with Nigeria or Ghana right now, although i have been to South Africa in the past and enjoyed it.

    New Zealand is actually the next trip I am taking. Alot of hiking to do, and I love LOTR which helps. The gloworm caves are one of the things I want to see before I die.

    All in all, i would still suggest south america. A nice stepping stone to something even more adventurous. Argentina is easy and cosmopolitain, with plenty of rugged sites depending on time and wallet. Patagonia, Iguazu falls, Bariloche looks like the swiss Alps, El Chalten is anational park in Patagonia where i had the best hike and best steak I have ever had in my life. I dream of them. Bolivia is pretty rough around the edges, and you can see the Uyuni Salt flats which are a site to behold. Machu Pichu and cuzco are tourist traps, but for good reason. You can even go trough lake titticacca to get from Bolivia to Peru by bus. So is Norway. Go in summer, and the sun is out until 11. People are friendly (in their own way), but mainly they are accepting and interesting. The golf was fun too.

    But if I was you, I would say Buenos Aires, then Chile. Stop in Peru on the way home if you want to see Machu Pichu, or depending on budget, go to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Talk about once in a lifetime. The craddle of evolution.

    Ok, thats all i got.

    My current list of travel destinations is as follows.

    1) New Zealand

    2) Iceland (northern lights viewing)

    3) Lisbon (Portugal)

    4) Marakech (Morraco)

    5) Gansu, China (and more)

    6) Croatia (plitvice lakes)

    I'm sure there is more.....but a guy can dream right?

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I like Japan, but I have only been there once, on a Society Tour.

    I went into several small neighborhood places to eat. My skin is English, Scottish, white. I got looked at. But thinking back at entering these local spots, maybe it was like visiting a KHall on vacation and just sitting anywhere. Old timer's sometimes have their "spot" and are upset if someone else is sitting in their chair and everyone knows who sits, where, etc Just saying. lol

    We tourists must be a constant delight of free entertainment to locals , where ever we are. lol

    When I was in Taiwan, we were told that there were some JW families, that were down from the North who were not accustomed to seeing
    " white " people. At that convention, I got felt, touched, on my hair and on my skin. It was the only time it had happened to me. I could tell they were curious.

    ----->> Confusedandalone ... Will I get demerit points from you if I confess something??? As a little girl of 4 or 5, at our circuit assembly, I remember seeing an African American family with small children, shorter than me. I made my way over to them, and casually touched their hair. It was surprisingly soft. I did it just that once. But I had to do it! I was quite fascinated with the little girls hair. It was so different from mine.

    In Ghana the sisters wear beautiful long flowing tribal dresses, with matching, towering head cloth turbans. They and their husbands look stately and beautiful. With my JW group we met the Ashante King, and he was presented with WT literature.


  • jam

    That's shocking that still happen to day, with all the ambassadors from

    this country, athletes, musicans (MJ) and politicals of all races.

    The world is very small today.

    I remember when I saw an Asian person (Little Rock AR..1954) for

    the first time. I was speechless, a little girl about my age (7 years).

    So when I went to V. Nam I understood the looks from the locals, they

    looked as puzzled as I was when I saw my first Asian person. LOL

  • blondie

    My health and our funds limit us to some degree. I was born in Germany and traveled all over as a child and an adult. We moved to the US and moved all over (been in 48 states except Nevada (this year) and Alaska (saving)).

    I love the US and Canada, so much to see. I see people from Europe on talk shows and they see New York and California and nothing else. There is so much to see in between.

    We love the west most of all...this year we are going to Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

    Pikes Peak


    Monument Valley

    Northern Rim of Grand Canyon

    Meteor Crater

    Chaco Canyon

    Canyon de Chelles.

    When I first married, we were strapped for cash and saw the Top Ten Tourist spots in our home state. A weekend at a time....I live in a vacation area and I took the time to see why everyone was coming here.

    I have seen Canada from Niagara Falls to Vancouver and as far north as Edmonton.

  • zebagain


    Our winter appraoches so visit OZ and travel the north of the country.. visit Darwin.. go by train called "The Ghan" right down the middle of the country to the city of Adelaide. and good exchange rate on your $

    or New Zealand...freshwater lakes 50 k long. Giant trout. great people. and a very good exchange rate on your $.

  • karter

    Anyone wanting to come to New Zealand is welcome to PM me i can help out with places to go and things to do.


  • chicken little
    chicken little

    No one has mentioned Scandanavia, it is an eyeopener in many ways. The food is great, people are very friendly if you speak english. Sweden is unspoilt and has so many places of interest. Denmark is democracy at its best, free minded, open yet very intelligent population who love beer, snaps and sunshine in the summer, H.C. Andersen, Tivoli and more. Great eating places in Copenhagen. Abnb here too. Legoland over on the mainland, Jylland. Check out Wonderful Norway, very expensive but fantastic. There is easy access to Sweden from Denmark over a tollbridge, summerhouses can be rented. Pm me if you are interested in Sweden I have a place there.

  • quellycatface

    Greek Islands.




    My favourites, so I am biased but they are very nice.

  • badcompany

    Belize is awesome. In just a few days I snorkled with sharks and sea turtles on the second largest coral reef in the world, hand fed howler monkeys, climbed massive Mayan ruins, went cave rafting, ziplined through a rain forest. And then we stopped and had a blast in wonderful bars and beach eateries. But the main attraction was the people. Incredible, sometimes terrifyingly fun experience.

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