Vacation Destination: Looking for Input

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  • confusedandalone

    Karter not sure if you saw any of my other posts but we are huge LOTR fans. Down to the collectable PEZ dispensers!!!

    I seriously might ask you about some hot spots, we really want to do something big this year

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    What a great Dad and husband you are!

    You have so many great suggestions ^^^^^ (I like using that feature (^) lol

    If you have the time and the means to go, it would be a hard decision to make. A Treehouse, a Greek Isle, or ...

    ----->> Come on Jgnat. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan? and ? ?? Was that a joke? I have stayed at the Temple Gardens and if you are driving through Saskatchewan, I suggest it as a place to spend the night. We stayed in the "luxury mineral Jacuzzi suite with the king size bed". The huge bathtub, was filled with piped from a distance, heated mineral water, it had sediment in it, but no odor. Soaking in its hot water, felt heavenly. I did not want to leave it. The comfort and coziness of the bed was something I still think about. It was very, very pleasant. Swimming in the indoor pool, then going from there, swimming through the "wall" to the sunny outside was joyous for me. It was a happy experience all around. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and called the front desk to ask if this room was available for the next night... "I am so sorry. It is already booked. The whole hotel is booked", he said. : ( It was without a doubt the best sleep I have ever had in my life.


    PS Would I intentionally go to Moose Jaw for vacation.... ?

    Hell. No. lol

    Jgnat , you are in Alberta. Aren't there great scenic Horse back packing trips? A few hours, or overnight, 3 day, 5 day, 7 day etc. custom packages? Fishing, canoeing, camping out in the Canadian Rockies?

    If you have roots in Western Africa, I would imagine you would feel the pull, to go there.

    Have fun where ever you go.

    So many beautiful places. So little time...

  • jgnat

    Hey, you gotta admit that Moose Jaw is off the beaten track. Most people can't even say Saskatchewan.

    For an Alberta treat, try going off the grid at Sheep Creek.

    No electricity, no running water, no cell service. BYO towels. I've wondered if I could last a week without my e-toys.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Jgnat ... lol ... I have thought about going to Inner Mongolia (which I can spell) or visiting, Kaka- kak -a- stan , or something like that. lol

    Karter mentioning New Zealand, sounds good. I have been to NZ as a JW drone. It was fun for me to drive on the other side of the road. (Yikes! lol )

    The Maori's, their personalities and culture, were wonderful to experience.

    I honestly believed, JW's were a worldwide Brotherhood.

    That teaching fit my personality.

    Now, I know there are wonderful normal people all over the world, to rub shoulders with, that are intelligent with education and or life, that I would rather spend my valuable time with.


  • confusedandalone

    LoisLane looking for Superman - "Karter mentioning New Zealand, sounds good. I have been to NZ as a JW drone. It was fun for me to drive on the other side of the road. (Yikes! lol )"

    I tried this in Jamaica Lois... i almost got us killed LOL. I just can not get out of my head to not drive on the right side. There were times when a car was coming toward me and I just jammed the breaks out of confusion.

  • Listener

    As we live in Australia we are close to the Asian countries and in the last few years we have been travelling there several times a year.

    Right now we are in Krabi, Thailand and it is just beautiful. There are gigantic sandstone outcrops everywhere and very tropical. It is warm and humid all year round.

    With the amount of time you have it is easy to travel from one nearby country to another. Hong Kong is amazing to see a metro lifestyle with heaps of things to see and do. We love nearby Macau which is a short ferry ride away and is considered to be the Las Vegas of the East. Then there is Singapore which is very clean and very safe. This is a modern city but with a touch of the old, there are food hawker centres everywhere. The choice of attractions seem endless.

    Thailand is beautiful, that is if you get away from the Capital of Bangkok and Phuket is an Island Tourist resort area. The food is the best in the World and people are happy and friendly.

    Malaysia has a lot to offer as well. It is not as modern or clean as Singapore but accommodation is cheaper and the shopping is good.

    English is not a problem in these countries and travel is not difficult.

  • confusedandalone

    Listener - Not to be stupid but how do they treat darker skinned people. We went to Japan and it was very uncomfortable.

    People randomly touched me, they would pat my hair etc in public places. Some people asked me and my wife to take pictures and my wife started getting upset when people would want to touch her hair as well. LOL

    Then there was the issue with monkey noises when we went to eat with some of the brothers... I made a scene but my wife called me down. Then the brothers that took us there were kind of upset and things went south from there, which I wont even get into. LOL the brothers apologized before we left but it was 10 days from hell.

  • Listener

    The majority of people here are dark skinned to varying degrees and 90% of people have black hair. They sell products in all the chemists to promise to lighten their skin and the products sell very well.

    We, as white Australians are actually the odd ones out. We took our children to Kuala Lumpur on one trip and our daughter said she felt very uncomfortable because she felt like she was the odd one out, funny thing is that it hadn't occurred to me until she mentioned it, everyone really just seems to fit in. We have since taken our daughter to Singapore and she is still raving about it, she enjoyed it so much and she has forgotten all about her initial nervousness.

    These countrie's economies rely heavily on tourist income and are frequented by people from all over the World. They are really multicultural places. It is often the locals who say they are being mistreated because of a preference to deal with tourists. This is because the staff and shop owners think that it is the foreigners that are more likely to tip well or spend well as they have the money. So it is not so much about the colour of your skin but your accent and purse.

    If you have blonde hair or even blue eyes you are more likely to be starred at and made a fuss of.

    The Russians and the Indians are not well liked by other tourists because of their behaviour. Unfortunately just yesterday morning we were sitting next to a couple and the husband had been burnt by a toaster because an Indian man had shoved/pushed him into it because he was in a hurry to fill his plate from the buffet.

    I think it does make a difference as to the type of hotel you stay at and in some of these countries hygeine is an issue but the better hotels are more affordable anyway.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    ConfusedandAlone ... I do not know what to say to the ignorance of these, hopefully few, offensive people of Japan, who said such outlandish things!

    There is no excuse!!!

    Japanese people themselves during and after war time would be called apes, monkeys, and many other derogatory words.

    That they would act this way to guests in their country...

    I am so sorry this dishonoring act by a so-called polite society, would have happened to anyone.

    If this was feudal Japan, and you were a guest, your sponsor, your host could legally chop off the head of someone who dishonored his guest(s).

    To dishonor his guest, was to dishonor him.

    Honor is everything in Japan, or was.

    Maybe these people who said such things, were , unfortunately, mentally diseased.


  • confusedandalone

    Lois, when I was handling the business aspect of the trip it was completely different. I had so many people who were nice and took us to beautiful places to eat. Usually small venues and most of the people in these locations were professionals. After that aspect of things was completed we went to see some "brothers" that were friends from a city named Ebina or Eboona someothing along those lines.

    We went to local places and some of the folks there kind of enjoyed the attention. So they made a big deal out of things around the local people there. I think that started the downward skid for us in that area. At first people touching my hair etc... was not bad but my wife was highly uncomfortable so I became uncomfortable as well. Had I been by myself and all these pretty Japanese women wanted to touch my hair and skin I would have been in heaven LOL.

    We ended up going to a local place for sushi and things there went downhill. Not sure why but they did. I think if I went by myself it would be easier to handle, but with an angry wife and then the monkey thing it got a little tough.

    Maybe next time you can show us around Lois!

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