JWs in a frenzy!

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  • sarahsmile

    Leaving"I brought up the "strange instructions" thing because my very-much-in JW mother brought it up to me recently. If you think JWs aren't paying attention, think again. The problem is, they can't really see things for what they are. They're too busy being enamored with all the activity that they don't have time to sit down and actually prove everything to themselves. The organization does NOT give them any room to breathe for normal life, let alone actually studying. Since I stepped down as an elder two years ago, I've had that time to study, and it TAKES that much time to study. My elder brother-in-law recently told me he has NO TIME for deep research like me."

    Congratulations with the deep studying! Do you find it impossible to know all the WT cover-ups! I gave up on researching JW history years ago because every rock I looked under was full of worms! So I stopped reading JW bible and picked up NOV and KG bibles plus a few more. The only research I really had to do was from reading the bible from beginning to end.

    Now, your JW elder brother probably does not read his bible because one does not need to do research to get to know God or Jesus!

    The bible, God's WORD proves false made up doctrines by the WT. You should suggest him to read his bible without publications.

    Activities are just another way to stay busy so GB can come out with more changes. Too bad the activities are so unhealthy.

  • awakenyr2004

    Wt Wizard, I am not offended by Jokehovah. LOL I do not take it as a personal insult against God. The Wt org. is a joke and they have made their God a joke.

    Okay, so I don't get it. My brother is also speculating about the end as the 100 year mark is coming up. Didn't they fix this back in the late 90s with the change in the meaning of "Generation". The WT is shaking in their boots right now doing all they can to confuse and scare everyone.

    Lord knows we are living in the information age and a few little clicks on the internet will expose these clowns for what they really are, a false prophet.

    For Goodness sakes dubs! Wake up and put down the KoolAid!

  • Mandette

    "Strange instructions"

    Would you like vodka or gin with your benzos?

    Or perhaps grape or cherry Kool-Aid?

    And the beat just goes on...........

  • gingerbread


  • steve2

    WTWizard, keep it up. Jehovah is only improved when you call "Him" Jokehovah. I think of the terror the name "Jehovah" or its variants evokes. The "Holy" Bible is a weak-kneed haven for genocide-lovers and those who crave blood-lust. The role of blood in Biblical lore is shameful from Genesis through Revelation. If we want to understand the cult mentality, the Bible is a rich source of background data on cult thinking. The notion of pouring out one's blood as a sacrifice for others is archaic and reeks of superstitiously driven madness.

  • prologos

    This frenzy is different from pre-1975. I think freddy franz and friends were surprised what the rank and file made of that small paragraph abot 6000 years since adam, Eve and 1000 years left. to make the [fake] 7th day.

    This a frenzy of wt creation , and strangely ignored by the members, so if the WT leadership thinks that they bedazzled the jws, no, they, the congregation publishers , are taking it laying down, like absentee voters . will there be consequences? well

    strip me of my savings, recources, you strip me of power, grab it for yourself.

    the fool is easily seprted from his gold.

    AWAKE, it is not called 'g' --for 'golden age' for nothing.

  • jwfacts

    I remember being in a frenzy in the 80s and 90s because of the generation doctrine. Now that is gone and 100 years have past there is not much left to motivate them. They can only use the 100 year anniversary of 1914 for a year or two. There is only so much that hours, magazine sizes and meetings can be reduced by. The GB can frenzy all they like in the short term, but longevity for the religion will require significant doctrinal changes. The 144,000 will be one of the first to come IMO.

  • berrygerry

    What's your speculation about 144, 000?

  • punkofnice

    Follow the money when there are changes instituted by the WBT$. They need more cash to continue protecting paedophiles so the GB can continue their rock star life style.

    All the changes are to make finances and power more easily obtainable for the GB and thie suck ups. that's all it is....money!

    The R&F will think it's Jehovah's chariot(tm) on the move sadly as they've been conditioned thusly.

  • Splash

    At my last CA we were told by the DO (soon to be retired) that this year is bigger than the "Advertise Advertise Advertise" year.

    We are to expect an exciting DC.


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