JWs in a frenzy!

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  • stuckinarut2

    We have one elder in our cong who was always a very smart accomplished career man, business man, earning money, building homes etc...normal in other words..

    BUT in the last year or so, he has become like a broken record! Any time he has a talk, or part, or anytime in a general conversation, he keeps banging on about "just how close the end must be...how much gods organization is steeping up the pace, how the celestial chariot is on the move quicker than ever. The end must be only a few months or years away " etc...

    I cant wait to throw it in his face in 5 years time....

    So yes, I certainly feel that an increased hype exists out there at this time.

  • villagegirl

    WT wizard - I am wondering if you could not dial back the Joke-hova stuff ?

    God is not to blame for the Watchtower and insulting Him makes

    some of us uncomfortable. The Watchtower is a Pyramidology based,

    Jesus degrading and Jesus insulting, self serving, self aggrandizing ,

    deluded, "Governing Body worshipping" Cult, of the worst sort.

    The Governing Body of as they refer to themselves "glorious ones"

    or "anointed" or "faithful and discreet slave" are the ones that

    misrepresented God, and demoted Jesus to Angel, and teach

    hateful doctrines and continue to do so. You don't need to insult God

    you already did that by being a Jehovah's Witness.

    and now you make Him seem ridiculous, so why blame God for this cult ?

    We are living on this planet, air to breathe, compliments of God.

    Oceans? Clouds? Birds? Beaches? Waves? Food growing on trees ?

    Mountains, rivers, music, love all around, its a great world really.

  • Viviane

    WTWizard, thanks for pointing out on a regular basis the absurdity of beleiving in the Bible and God. Thumbs up!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I guarantee this is item is at the top of the Governing a Body's agenda every week:


  • Magnum

    I was a little tyke in the 1975 era, so I don't know what it was like then, but I suspect it was pretty similar to what it is now.

    I was in my early teens. My non-JW dad was told emphatically and without doubt by prominent elders that I would never drive (reach age 16) or graduate high school (reach age 18) in this system. There were some JWs who would find the earliest district conventions and go to them even if they were very distant because they wanted to get the latest info first. They thought they would hear something exciting. Many JWs were on the edges of their seats. There was much chatter about prophecy - the King of the North, etc.

    I've been driving in this system for forty years, and the main elder who told my dad I'd never drive in this system was a fairly well-off businessman who died penniless and senile in a nursing home. I just told my wife recently that I wish he were alive so I could get his thoughts on the fact that it's been almost forty years since 1975.

  • leaving_quietly

    I brought up the "strange instructions" thing because my very-much-in JW mother brought it up to me recently. If you think JWs aren't paying attention, think again. The problem is, they can't really see things for what they are. They're too busy being enamored with all the activity that they don't have time to sit down and actually prove everything to themselves. The organization does NOT give them any room to breathe for normal life, let alone actually studying. Since I stepped down as an elder two years ago, I've had that time to study, and it TAKES that much time to study. My elder brother-in-law recently told me he has NO TIME for deep research like me.


    Jesus said, "Keep on the watch." He didn't tell his followers to go nutty about it.



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  • HappyDad

    Seems to me that they are desparate to keep the ones who are still in..........still in. In other words.......ZOMBIES!!!

  • Finkelstein

    Best guess to all this new arrangement has something to do with it being 2014 and JWs are starting to notice all the

    promises and hype for the new order and the end of this system of things isn't happening.

    So to keep people off of this notation they are instituting new changes to create a bit of a diversion.

  • d

    Yes I am noticing that as well.

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