New to The Jehovahs Witness Faith and need some help

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  • punkofnice

    Well ok then. Welcome JNJ to el forumo from me in the UK.

    You've certainly got a lot to read.

    I fear you will get sucked into something that looks good on the outside but is rotten to the core. Whitewashed graves.

    I was raised in the 'truth(tm)' an was a pioneer and an elder. I had ultimate faith in god. I was married and had a family. The moment I saw behind the scenes as an elder was when I started to question things. Genuine questions that I hoped would be answered to my satisfaction and simply increase my faith in the watchtower(r). How wrong I was!

    As a result I had to leave the organization(r) as I am no hypocrite. My wife and daughter left me with 2 sons (1 was a child), and financial debt. If you want to associate with an organization that causes that (they'll say they don't or have some spin on it to blame me no doubt), then be my have been warned.

    They don't lie? They are allowed to lie to non's the proof:-

    Theocratic Warfare Strategy = ***w07 2/1 p.6***

    Every lie is an untruth, but not every untruth is a lie. Why not? A dictionary defines a lie as “an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive.” Yes, lying includes the intention to deceive someone. Hence, to speak an untruth unwittingly—such as giving someone incorrect facts or figures by mistake—is not the same as to tell a lie.

    Moreover, we need to consider whether the person asking for information is entitled to a comprehensive answer. For instance, suppose Manfred had been asked the same questions by an executive of another company. Would Manfred have been obliged to tell him everything? Not really. Since that executive had no right to such information, Manfred would have had no obligation to provide it. Of course, even in this case, it would have been wrong for him to tell a lie.

  • EndofMysteries

    Welcome back - the quickest eye openers to deception would be asking and seeing what they say about the following 3 questions and then seeing the 'history' of what has been published proving that they are lying.

    1. Do Jehovah's Witnesses follow any man or leader? (they will say no, only Jesus, yet once in and in the watchtower study articles it's non stop about following and obeying the governing body (7 or 8 men on average) who run the organization and following them is vital to salvation.

    2. Do Jehovah's Witnesses shun former members? On their own website under FAQ's you'll see them 'spin doctor' it as if they don't. Yet tons of watchtowers and instructions on not evening emailing or making any excuses to talk to family members who have left.

    3. Have the governing body or any leader (rulers of the JW's) ever professed to be inspired? They will say all their false prophecies and false teachings were because they are imperfect and never profess to be inspired. yet you can find hundreds of quotes where they say their teachings should be treated as if from GOd's mouth himself, that they are spirited directed and nobody can understand the bible except through them, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Hairtrigger

    That was me . I asked a question if it were so? You have not been "Recruited" -you are still studying. Its been my experience( and I have been in more than six congregations) that the more financially well off witnesses usually gang together and any newbes that study with the congregation receive treatment acording to their financial status. If the newbee happens to be well off they are given the red carpet welcome by elders and the economically well off section of the congregation. (Not saying the others don't), but there is a glaringly obvious line that demarcates the treatment meted out to newbee-well-to -dos and the newbee-not-well-to-dos. Since you seemed so happy with the treatment meted out to you I wondered if you were of the former class.I was wrong. My assumption was wrong . My sincere apologies.

  • jookbeard

    well done for coming back Ms Birkett , dont forget to tune into though!

  • SAHS

    To “Shanagirl”: That was quite an interesting excerpt you copied and pasted on page eight of this thread which exposes the many cultic tactics (some subtle, and some not so subtle) employed by the WTS. I especially like this quote near the end of the excerpt: “The Organisation is easy to become involved with, costly to remain in and devastating to leave.” That sure sums it up in a nutshell!

    The unfortunate and frustrating thing is that even when a JW is presented with all the evidence (internal and external to their own literature), the result is quite often as you quoted, “Thirdly, even if they win the argument, the JW is still not likely to change his mind.”

  • kaik

    Also hairtrigger, I would like to add, more JW of your family are in, the higher status you have. My now deceased aunt produced several sons who later became elders and they had created more children so their KH is a place where everyone someone and is related by blood and marriage. My aunt was treated like princess (I told her that into her arrogant face), she got away with everything she had ever done. She felt to be invincible, routinely disrupted funerals of relatives, etc. She lied, was dishonest, but was well off financially, etc. My cousins believed the "A" was just about to happen and borrowed tons of money from banks with idea that they will never repay it. The had issue with law enforcement, tax agencies, banks, government and got away with it. They are still elders. The newcomers are treated like doormat. However, if she or he is a potential new addition to their extended family, than they are treated nicely.

  • runForever

    You know what I think this is all a social experiment from some college kids or such. She met 3 or so witnesses at the ymca? Of all the

    places to say you met witnesses why ymca? Then they had a 'sick relative'. That's pretty convenient for giving yourself sometime to research stuff. And of

    course she has apologies to keep the readers engaged. I'm callin it. BS. Watch for more randomly timed comments with great space inbetween them. Seriously

    anybody can probably come on here and comment in under a minute. You don't have time? take 1 minute away from your sleep you'll be fine.

    She goes on to make this strange comment

    "when i "stumbled" across this site i thought it was a "support group" for witnesses"

    Why would you be looking for a support group for witnesses if you were just studying? Did a witness beat you up or something?

  • SAHS

    “runForever”: “Why would you be looking for a support group for witnesses if you were just studying?”
    Well, maybe – just maybe – “jnjburkett” wanted to investigate whether there are in fact such ‘support groups for witnesses’ so she might check into the actual veracity and social climate of JWs for comparison to what she has been learning from her new studies. To me it seems reasonable for someone new to gather different types of information from a variety of sources and venues so as to be able to discern the whole picture – especially with an organization like the WT which would potentially demand so much of someone’s life and take such a toll on someone’s mental and emotional welfare.

    Again, I believe that giving the benefit of the doubt is always the wisest and fairest course.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    jnjburkett - where are you? I would be interested to hear back from you about what you have learnt, if anything, from this thread you started and which generated so much comment. Fraz

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