CO is chasing me . Meeting him tomorrow.

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  • blondie

    Does he already think he has a witness against you speaking as an apostate?

    If so, 2 people don't have to be there at the same time; he can establish himself as the second witness of your apostate beliefs/talk.

    If you don't care if you are determined to have da'd yourself or be found apostate, and you will feel better talking to him to make your position known (not to the congregation just him and the elders and whoever gets the paperwork at Bethel), do what makes you feel better.

    How will your wife feel and act if you are found officially an apostate and considered having da'd or are df'd?

    Good luck, Blondie. I hope whatever happens you are happier with your circumstances.

  • stillin

    The word of a CO counts as two witnesses.

  • minimus

    At the last minute, tell him something came up and mabe you can get together in 6 months or so.

  • cantleave

    He will ask you the question "do you believe the GB / the Watchtower org are being used by God.....

    How will you answer?

  • OnTheWayOut

    There is no point in meeting with the C.O. and there is no point in letting him know where you stand, unless you want to be DA'ed/DF'ed. It just doesn't matter what your precautions are, he will be one MORE witness to your answers/thoughts and probably will say that the things others have heard are enough to scrounge up another witness.

    Simply state that you have meditated over the matter and see no reason to meet. You know how to use your Watchtower library to answer any concerns you have and you know who to call if you need them.


    " He will ask you the question "do you believe the GB / the Watchtower org are being used by God....."

    Then ask him, " Do you believe God used the Council of Nicea made up of non-FDS members?" He may say, "Jehovah uses anyone he wants." You can reply, " Exactly." Then ask again," How could I know what I knew from my personal bible study?" If he asks what nu-light do you think we will get [ probably insincerely ], just say, " I would never say, because then I would be "distributing" spiritual food and only the FDS can do that."


  • sarahsmile

    Yes, do what my father did. Say this before you give him a chance to speak.

    Tell this CO when it comes to my household,mind your own business! I might suggest to state," Stop spreading suspicious lies against me. My wife has reported that you have been singling her out to talk with her,it sounds like your trying to start an affair with my wife. Please, stop flirting with my wife." Do not here him out with excuses. I been wanting to talk with you alone to letyou know that I am on to you and feel very offended by your flirtatious attitude."

    Do not answer any of his foolish allegation and make him feel your anger first.

    That will work,he will just leave you and your wife alone. Because of his hidden motives! All men have them.

    That is what men should do because they love their wives. All that other stuff is just an excuse to cause a wedge between you and your wife.

    Men are such weenies to talk with another man's wife without the hubby around! Behind your back but in public makes it worse. The bible calls it wicked!

    I know he is innocent but who cares!

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Recording the conversation?


    Sarah!!! I LOVE THAT IDEA!!! His guilty sub-conscious mind will condemn his current actions even though they are un-related!!! HA!! Brilliant!


  • twice shy
    twice shy

    You could tell him you decided not to show after running late because you were still meditating about whether you should sue him or not for defaming your character by uttering harmful, hurtful epithets of hearsay against your spiritual character and how much you should sue him for if he continues in his campaign to destroy your marital vows with unsubstantiated assumptions that can quite possibly negatively impact your wife's spiritual health to the extent that it may never be restored.

    "Therefore what GOD has yoked together, let NO MAN put apart" Mark 10:9

    Food for thought

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