Why I remain one of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Finkelstein

    When your a JWS pseudo one or not your complicit to the indirect suicides this organization has caused, the thousands of deaths of people who didn't take a vaccination, organ transplant or blood transfusion, including children.

    The break up of millions of families due to its shunning policy, the influencing of people to not get an education and live in poverty which many elderly JWS are now coping with. . ( Except the GB members who are well looked after by the finances the organization holds)

    There are so many decremental personal social effects this organization causes people .

    How can a person who self proclaims themselves Christian support this activity by men who are more or less religious charlatans running their own publishing house ?

  • DJS

    Alright DJS, you are violating one of your prime directives. STAY OUT of theist discussions. Oh well,

    Introvert 2: " . . the Kingdom hope read as the main theme of the Bible. It's there from Gen to Rev. for everyone humble enough too see it. He has been an encouragement to some of us and I would hate to see him go on account of him being treated poorly here. Everyone benefits from hearing out all the options . . "

    Let's see: You've been on the site for 11 days and Bro. Jeramy for 8 days. And yet you are finding soooo much encouragement from him. I see. After only a few posts. Damn, I need to get me some of that Brother Jeramy.

    And you don't want us to be mean to him? I see. Now that's fair enough.

    But you insult me and those like me by telling me I'm just not humble enough to see the light. Why thank you Uriah Heep. Then you insult me and those like me again by inferring that I/we haven't heard all the options.

    You two are a team; you arrived to preach. After 8 or 11 days on this site I didn't know where the figurative bathroom was or how to get to the second floor break room. LisaRose and Rebel8 found me wandering the hallways, on several occasions, looking for the upload button. But you guys hit the ground running.

    Now I will leave this OP for those who don't have prime directives about engaging in theist discussions.

  • Ucantnome

    Some totally understand the distinction between the Family of brothers and sisters and the corporate organization known as the Watchtower Society (WTS).

    Brother Jeramy I don't understand the distinction. I thought that supposedly the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11 were Christ's brothers and when the Watchtower Society's President and several other members of the Society were imprisoned in 1918 it was as though the preaching work was dead (the two witnesses). Which seems to me to tie the Society to Christ's brothers who are part of the 'Family of brothers and sisters'?

  • _Morpheus

    BJ, i totally respect your right to kiss hanks ass. Personally, im 100% good with it and it dosent bother me in the least. Many of my family still kiss his ass and i love them just as i always have... The problem is your thread tittle didnt say you were still kissing hanks ass (worshipping jesus/god in some form or fashion), your thread says you are still one of the desert gods witnesses. You cant take the name without the beliefs. To identify yourself as a modern day witness of that particular deities mistranslated name identifies you with the watchtower bible tract society and all their requisite beliefs. You cant pick and choose and keep the name. So kiss hanks ass in any way that makes you happy, just be honest with yourself as you do it

    @lol djs :) cracked me up as always

  • Illuminated

    This reminds me of a Scientology documentary I saw on YouTube (not the well known one that recently came out). I was astonished to hear some of the members of Scientology leaving the dangerous mind control cult due to the corruption, yet still having faith in the religion and it's teachings. I thought to myself - how in the world do you still believe in the teachings that originate from a foundation based on corruption, based on men?

    I'd like to pass on the same question to you Jeramy - how in the world do you believe in teachings that originated from a foundation of delusion that's snowballed into a mountain of delusion? The foundation is the problem itself, it stems from men. So what is it that makes you believe men who've screwed you upside down?

    You remind me of the former Scientologist.

    I'd also like to add, I am not a Jehovah's Witness, have never been. I've noticed this a few times in my short time here on this board where former members are labeled as "bitter" or "mentally diseased" for leaving and expressing their anguish they've experienced. Why the label? Why ridicule their emotions they have every right to feel after going through one of the most devastating things a person can experience - awakening and realizing their whole life was a lie controlled and led by corrupt men? Of course, they will be filled with intense emotions. It's a natural grieving process, challenging and painful to overcome. Anyone who's awakened and has courage to face themselves and walk away from such darkness, I commend them.

  • yodastar

    Hey BJ. You are one deluded puppy.

    You could have your faith without supporting this morally corrupt organisation. I don't really care but don't come here to tell this site the in's and out's of the borg.

    There has been too much damage by your kind and your borg.

    If you wanted to have a stir though you succeeded, typical of you and your brethren so go knock some doors instead eh?

  • sparrowdown

    The WT in print and talks have for decades called out the adherents of religions other than JWs to "get out of her.....if you do not want to recieve part of her plagues......."

    If remaining catholic because "not all priests are bad" has never been considered an acceptable reason to remain catholic. Why is "not all JWs are bad" an acceptable excuse for remaining JW????


  • GoneAwol

    'Why I remain one of Jehovahs Witnesses'.....

    .........'for now'

    bro Jeremy. Fixed it for ya!

    You WILL thank us. You will thank ALL of us....

  • flipper

    I'm not even going waste my time in trying to reason with you because on other threads you've shown yourself too prideful to accept the majority of people's opinions here on this board. So I will just say that you are deluding yourself. If you continue claiming to be a Jehovah's Witness - you are STILL mind controlled by the WT Society no matter WHAT you claim. Because in order to have an air of " respectability " among your JW " brothers " and " sisters " ( as you call them ) you still have to obey and go along with WT Society rules or you'll be kicked out of the organization. You turn time in ? You're still controlled by the WT Society. You attend meetings. You're still controlled by the WT Society. You sing songs at meetings ? You are still controlled by the WT Society. You watch cartoons at the kingdom hall ? WT Society produced the cartoons seeping into your mind. You answer at meetings ? You are still controlled by the WT game. If you are sitting at a kingdom hall- the mind controlled WT rhetoric WILL enter into your mind.

    You are just in denial about the fact that you are still supporting the WT Society. You will be a indecisive person the rest of your life unless you give your mind and emotions a break to not support a criminal organization like WT Society. Otherwise- you are guilty by way of association

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    It was my understanding that this site welcomed both views, I was mistaken.

    It was fun though and met a few good people !

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