Why I remain one of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Stirred

    I have tried to stay out of these discussions as I have been a fader with many issues to iron out in my awakening. I am not yet in what I would consider a new "normal" yet but long to be rectified, to be resolved, firmly decided.

    I do not want to be a hypocrite and that is why pretty quickly I stopped turning in time and then made further strong moves to help myself have a clearer conscience. I still feel pulled to go to meetings but haven't been for many weeks now (spotty at best). I also am not comfortable coming out and publically being opposed....opening self to being DF with all the negative ramifications, Yet, I am being freer to associate publically and share things I do that I know would be frowned on. I feel the disapproval of this latest move and am now being "lovingly disciplined" by some of my "friends" (is that really christian??)

    I am finding my courage to withstand it and more each day; some days better than others.

    I think if you broaden your sphere beyond JWs, make connections and life beyond, you will gain new perspectives that will assist you in determining if your pseudo support is effective and healthy. Personally, I cannot preach what I do not support, even if they have some good points and some things "right". We aren't allowed to share anything we think is wrong, THAT is the point!!

    The comments made by some here are like looking in a mirror to me now. It is painful what I "see" and feel....that I am still "delusional, under control of WT, somehow am complicit in the deaths and abuse of WT members by having been a somewhat blind and distracted follower all these years...." Ouch!!!

    I reject any statement that I am complicit or guilty for WT policies/actions in causing harm to others just as I reject logic that as an American I am guilty of U.S policies and actions as government may have caused death and harm to its citizens or non-citizens, especially since I did not vote for such policies, had no control or played no part in enacting them, and in many cases was not aware of them. As I know more, I take action where appropriate. However, natioanl citizenship is more complicated and a bigger issue so not to compare it with the ease of distancing yourself from an organization. i do not agree with many U.S. Policies but will remain an American. i cannot say same thing for WT. I am distancing myself and someday may find that words come out of my mouth...I am no longer a JW. New people know me as christian or ?? Do not wan to align myself with any religious affiliation/holiday/group.

    BJ and Introvert, don't take this all of this thread too personally but think about it for a while. The "pen" here is very sharp but make good points. I had a few friends in org, but majority shallow and conditional. I need and want more as I (and my family) was never and never will be "good enough" to be acceptable by the majority of this org other than when I can bring my free labor or checkbook to the next donation request or Avon/Melaleuca party.

    It's a journey. Keep all the loving, supportive, ethical principles and question /distance yourself from those that cause harm, destruction, pain. There are other ways to be "in service". My family is more involved with charities now and meeting many wonderful people.....

    I want to share one more thing....I used to somewhat be fearful to share my charity work but no longer. I am surprised by some of the reactions from online JW friends - some no longer respond to me now but remain connected (lurking?), some have shown interest and public support (hmmmm). Try a different type of service that gives practical help to needy and see how you feel compared with offering JW literature at doors and see how you feel.



  • Ding
    If you raise your hand at the KH and say what you said in your OP, you will be DFd and all of those "brothers and sisters" will despise and shun you...
  • Tenacious
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Totally agree Stirred :

    It's a journey. Keep all the loving, supportive, ethical principles and question /distance yourself from those that cause harm, destruction, pain. There are other ways to be "in service". My family is more involved with charities now and meeting many wonderful people.....

    Tried to go back over the summer, ended up making me ill at the RC assembly then a last ditch effort at supper with an elder friend couple and decided it was over. Went to an SDA church the week after and saw the problems there as well.

    Then all the recent things like the March 15 WT, the RC, reading COC ISOCF and COaC plus reading up on Arne Jordly site and ordering his commentaries I no longer have any use for the GB. I guess I had to wean off gradually. Last time I spoke with Bro.Jeramy he wasthinking of DA'ing and going to an orthodox church with some friends.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Agree, disagree, or otherwise, a JW is what I am. Indoctrination runs deep. In my case, overall, the good out weighs the bad by a long stretch.

    I have come down to accept it. I am going down with this ship.

    Being mentally out does add a touch of indescribable freedom and carelessness that is very satisfying.


  • babygirl30

    I love and believe in Jehovah God and his son Jesus. But I have chosen to be spiritual (in my beliefs and actions) instead of religious. Staying an active JW - active meaning still fully participating in all required activities - would make you religious, in my opinion. One thing that confused me about your post is that you happily admit being part of the org , yet claim not to believe in the 'org'? That's like me going to crackhouse, eating and drinking with the residents, but not doing crack - yet claiming 'I'm not part of that crackhouse'. Does that make any sense?

    I guess the question I most want to understand is that if you are unapologetic as a JW ,why come to a site and "announce" your stance - to 95% of us ex-JW's? And please understand that to most of us, there is no distinction between your JW status (brotherhood...sisterhood...etc). If you go, and you participate, you ARE.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Babygirl Bro. Jeramy is long gone, he hasn't posted in months..

    Wanted to add what I regret is in investing in conditional JW friendships, I should of known better.

    Big waste of time and was unnecessary drama and stress, completely futile.

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