Why I remain one of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Well let me insert my thoughts : This is an open forum for discussion and I like to hear both sides so as to formulate my own opinions. I share Brother Jeramy's take on what's happening in the org and now have peace of mind. I was not born in and find the Kingdon hope read as the main theme of the Bible. It's there from Gen to Rev. for everyone humble enough too see it. He has been an encouragemnent to some of us and I would hate to see him go on account of him being treatyed poorly here.

    Everyone benefits from hearing out all the options if you don't want to just be a YES man. It's called taking responsibility for your own spirituality whatever that may be.

    Keep this forum open minded please, just saying

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Too many things here already for you to respond to. In general I completely understand your point of view. In fact.....I once shared it. Not only did I see the distinction, but because in general I had great relationships, and loved the people in the hall, I thought I would stay for the sake of them, and the good that exists.

    I agree that good exists as well. None of us is 100% good or 100% bad. We are percentages of both, all the time.

    But here is why I could no longer go. I'll try to consolidate the two ideas.

    1) You say Christ has a command to preach, but when you do so associated with the WTBTS, you direct them to that organization. You may think you are not, but you are. Or is your intent not to baptize them? why not just engage in a personal ministry as you see fit? You do not. You take place and therefore represent, the group with whom you disagree.

    2) Blood. This is an incorrect doctrine. thoroughly debunked. If you "witness" to someone, they become a JW, you disagree with this doctrine but you have helped them into an organization where other factors come into play......are you bloodguilty if they or their children die as a result of this stand? It may be an extreme example, but what culpability would I have as a person who directed someone to do something that I personally did not agree with?

    Your conscience is telling you something. Its why you are here. I'm not certain what you feel they have "right" vs "wrong". Maybe that is a good place to start the conversation.

    Its not all bad. But are you tainting your worship to your God by not being authentic? I felt inauthentic, and therefore refused to support the GB in any ancillary way.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Introvert....your comments below are troubling.

    I was not born in and find the Kingdon hope read as the main theme of the Bible. It's there from Gen to Rev. for everyone humble enough too see it.

    You then appeal for others to be open minded. While I agree with you, this is an open firum,a nd Jeramy started the conversation. I think hes big enough to know what some may think and feel. At the end of the day open minded also includes the ability to disagree and accept criticism.

    Your comments are very "JW". You direct specifically the ability to discern "kindom hope" with the quality of "humility" based on nothing more than your personal feeling, while appealing for open mindedness from others.

    I mean this sincerely......you don't see any irony in that my friend?

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    Introvert 2

    Hey give me a break I'm at work right now haha ! Thanks I'll think about it buddy !

    Giving you a like !
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Are you scared to talk openly about any concerns you have about the Org's methods/teachings with your brothers & sisters?

    Of course you are - we all are!

    So how can you reconcile such feelings with knocking on a stranger's door in an effort to get him to join such an oppressive "religion"?

    Your conscience cannot succumb to the will of Brooklyn! :(

  • TTATTelder

    The problem is you are addicted to the thought of being one of "God's Chosen People" and frankly you don't want to give that up. Most of us here understand that feeling. You make up these distinctions in order to hang on to that label.

    Unfortunately the truth is - this isn't and never was "God's Organization"- you and I and the rest on this thread were never "God's Chosen People". Bitter pill I know.

    The next thought-stopper is "Where shall I go?". The truth about that is - nobody has all the answers. JW's are used to thinking in terms of someone or some group having all the answers. That was never the case. I don't know what's up - you don't know what's up - the GB also doesn't have a clue. One thing that helped me at the beginning come to terms with suddenly being aware of so many unanswered questions was the thought "The GB doesn't know either". This made me feel better. I was now equal to the overlords. Equally clueless.

    The question instead of "Where shall I go?" should instead be "In what direction should I move?".

    The answer is always to move away from those that abuse and toward those that empower, encourage, and inspire.

    It is my opinion that if God wants to be found, he won't be wearing wolf's clothing.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Brother Jeramy,

    "For starters, the preaching work is a commission from Christ, not the Watchtower Society."

    Put quite simply it is not Christ you are leading those you preach to but the Watchtower society.

  • cofty

    Staying in a family-destroying cult by choice is morally wrong.

    Even if there was a god and the bible was her inspired word you could not make a more ill-informed decision than to worship that deity as part of the JW organisation.

    Dismissing those who disagree with you as "bitter" is shameful.

  • Alive!

    I was converted - my former stance was one where I'd always hoped there was a universal hope/ purpose.

    I'd not really been to a church of Christendom since I was a child, and my disgust for the churches and the results of their religious teachings was quite intense. I loved good moral code, but hated the hypocrisy and centuries of bloodshed, caused by religion. The Catholic religion in particular held a terrible history in this regard.

    So, there was I, 30 something and starting to really ponder the big questions. Along comes a JW into my life - I guess I was in the perfect place at the perfect time to embrace the teachings.

    Here was a Christian faith that hated all other churches!!!!! Brilliant!

    I gobbled it up.

    I thought I was asking all the right questions, I researched ......under the direction of my study conductor.

    I have found that my "church" lies, it's "voice" throughout its literature is...... Troubling? Disconcerting?

    There is something terribly wrong going on - how could I begin to direct people to a culture that does NOT RESPECT the individual human coinscience? A "church" where once that person is baptised, they are under the law of Stephen Lett or another Rutherford type could come into play - who knows? There is no wiggle room once that person is baptised - and WE know it. We thus encourage them to live a deceptive Christian life in conflict with the command to obey the FDS in all things - if we remain in the active ministry and continue to stake our place in the worldwide "family".

    I was pronounced as being extraordinarily humble and hungry for truth, by my new Jehovahs Witness friends.

    Now, I'm something else, quite ugly in their eyes.

    I've asked questions that scream for truth in their crafting, simple but to the point. The avoidance reaction is disturbing to say the least.

    Finally, Bro J and others who are "working from within" - next time you go on service, and maybe meet a young family, a mother with children perhaps - as you begin your "presentation" take a look into the children's eyes. Check your heart and conscience - you are taking them one step closer into to your world. A world where that child will not simply know Jesus, but first will be under the law of another Franz, another Rutherford...

    Think about it.

    Please :-)

  • joe134cd
    I think you wrote a well written article and also presented a good line of thought. Hey, if it works for you then keep doing it. I can relate to what your saying because I thought the same thing. I firmly believed I could take the best of both worlds of serving Jehovah while also knowing TTATT. Sadly this proved not to be the case. With in 18 months I walked out of the Hall for the last time. Ironically it wasn't the apostasy that first lead me down this path. It was a whole series of things that just piled up over the years. The frustration and stress of dealing with an organisation and people who I didn't like and we're not going to change. If you wanted to experience this for yourself I suggest you mail this article to Brooklyn and see what kind of response you get. Anyway I wish you the best in you journey

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