Bill Bowen "Kidneys"

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  • Mister Biggs
    Mister Biggs

    Just a friendly reminder...

    nytelecom1, MavMan, sexyteen, etc....

  • BritBoy

    Gooooooood point Mr Biggs...

    Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story!

  • HildaBingen

    Dearest Naebs,

    :The very fact that you have to ask speaks volumes. What "better" ways besides going to the media would you have suggested?:

    The fact that I have to ask speaks volumes about what? I would recommend waiting on Yahweh. He is our rock and our salvation.

    :Let's see what you can come up with.:

    There is no better way than sitting in the dust and waiting on the certain inward word from God. Relying on God always works.

    :And also, besides having a picture of him in the newspaper, what exactly do you think Bill has gained from this? Please be specific.:

    One concrete example. Bill has also received a lot of back slapping from most everyone here for his efforts. Why not carry out his work in a self-effacing way?

    And have you also taken any anger management classes? I come here asking sincere questions and you latch on to me like a bee on honey. What is up with that?

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  • Seeker4

    Hilda in Christ:

    Naeb is right. You ARE an idiot. And about as much of a mystic as your buddy Paul was.

    You also seem to know nothing about what DAing or DFing means. And to think Bill is seeking some kind of glory out of this is ludicrous.

    Naeb - welcome back. HildaBingen, my arse!

    S4 - "For christ's sake, God, can't you do something to save us from your followers, especially the self-proclaimed mystics."

  • anewperson

    Prisca's right. The "Hildabingen" is a voice for the Watcthtower Society. Who else would attack a man who defends children from pedophiles. Several times now they have come on this board to sew question-marks that don't exist. Watchtower, your doing this will motivate us to send out letters-to-the-editor, etc, not dissuade us. Why are you so stupid.

  • Yerusalyim

    Sorry Prisca, I gotta throw one bone to troll baby.

    What has Bill gained from all this Hilda? The loss of his family connections (his mother and father have disowned him) the loss of all his friends. A loss of connection with everything he's known for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS.

    Yep this is all a glory thing for Bill IF you count all that loss as glory. He's gained NO money and is in fact forking out money to keep his Web Site up and keep working.

    I can't speak for Bill but I think it's safe to say he would trade all the back slapping in the world here for one or two in his congregation or in the WTBTS to understand and MAKE a stand.

    What "Better" way is there to handle it than Bill has. He IS doing what God would have him do.

    "Vanity! It's my favorite sin!"
    [Al Pacino as Satan, in "DEVIL'S ADVOCATE"]

  • avengers

    I imagine Bill has his reasons not to be 'df'd or to da himself, as do I.

    I haven't been df'd, nor will I da myself for the simple reason that my ex-wife is a super dub, and my 2 youngest children 13 and 11 live with her. If I choose to da myself then it would be much harder for me to do anything for them, let alone all the shunning-practices that they will teach the kids. I'm with Bill on this one.

    Andy. Go get em Bill.

  • HildaBingen

    What is it with you folks here? The anger present in this forum is simply amazing. Why not try Christ and the tranquility that comes from trusting in him?

    :Hilda in Christ:

    Naeb is right. You ARE an idiot. And about as much of a mystic as your buddy Paul was.:

    Mr Naebs never directly called me an idiot. He used the term without attaching a referent to it. So who is the ignorant one?

    :You also seem to know nothing about what DAing or DFing means. And to think Bill is seeking some kind of glory out of this is ludicrous.:

    I may not know what DA or DF means. But that does nothing to change the fact that Mr Bill is possibly pursuing glory for himself. Hey, Korah sought personal glory by going against Moses, God's representative. Why can't Bill seek a glorious name (shem) for himself by making himself a martyr?

    As the blessed Dionysius wrote--the mystic contemplates divine ideas in realms that are too transcendent for mere unilluminated mortals. She resides in the "clouds" where language breaks down and words eventually mean nothing, a sort of linguistic cosmic singularity.

    I am therefore not here to win arguments. Hilda has more questions than she does answers.

  • metatron

    Why not act as a stooge for the Society's interests, Hilda?

    I'm tired of hearing this "wait on Jehovah" sh*t again.
    Jehovah won't fix this because he lost interest in this
    sick cult years ago - as shown by their CONTINUING LOSS OF

    These situations have gone on for years - some many decades-
    with the Society doing nothing about it. Why has the Society
    suddenly found a bit of conscience about abused kids - in
    sending directions and letters to elders in recent years?

    They started to DO SOMETHING because people got angry
    and wouldn't cooperate with their coverups!

    Keep this one fundamental in mind:

    The 'Theocratic warfare' doctrine!

    Brothers in power believe they have a God-given right
    to lie and deceive people WHEN IT SUITS THEM, to protect
    the organization. They have NEVER repudiated this doctrine.

    As such, nothing they say can be trusted.


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