Updated Chronological Timeline of the Great Tribulation -- after the New Light from July Watchtower

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  • ctrwtf
    Where is the part about the billions and billions slaughtered by a bloodthirsty vengeful god?
  • prologos

    billions and billions slaughtered by a bloodthirsty vengeful god ?ctrwtf

    >4 billions? Paragraph 16, item #12 in the OP . All "wicket," goats, and their families, children destroyed by the then immortal "anointed". aka Arma geddon

  • zeb

    From reading the experiences of ex-Beth elites there is no input from the anointed to the gb. and they dont seek it either. Getting the 'anointed' under one roof would be an interesting experience.

    So then the church properties are confiscated. Including therefore the various wt palaces' around the globe.

    Then it the 'judgement message' time. The wt have had this arrow rattling in their quiver ever since. They wish the r&f to go forth stir trouble get mobbed and killed (more martyrs) and then the wt can scream persecution.

    'sign in the sky' So they have dumped the 'invisible'. "parousia" of Jesus.

    The big problem is this; The wts have made such predictions time and time again and been wrong every time.

    • perhaps there will be govt action aginst wt for claiming to be a charity but not being a charity
    • and action for their wholesale defending of paedophiles.
  • WingCommander

    "Now begins a short time of calm during the Great Tribulation. This period may last weeks, months, or perhaps even 4 years. Jehovah's Witnesses begin preaching the "Judgment Message" instead of the "Kingdom Good News."

    Wow! Here is a blast from the past. Growing up in the early 1980's, this was something that I had heard frequently, but then it kind of disappeared. That being, that at some point the regular preaching message would cease, and a message of "Judgment" would commence, and that it would be "too late" for people to come into the Truth at that point, because the symbolic Ark was closed, and their judgment was imminent. Kind of an old, "We told you so!" - in your face, kind of message. Loving, aye? Nice to see I wasn't crazy remembering this. BUT, there is now a spin to this! A clarification, "New Light!!!!" Now, people WILL have a chance to repent and become a sheep!!! This really begs the question: Why even bother to preach now at all and waste your time, when at some point in the future people can just repent and convert and all is forgiven??????? Live your life how you see fit, then when you hear the final JW warning, repent, convert over, and be saved??? Seems like everything before that final message is a big huge hassle and waste of time, especially with actual signs in the heavens signaling the End about to happen?

  • goingthruthemotions

    WOW...so confusing, it must be true...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings.

  • Finkelstein

    Ironic is it not that the fictional story telling by bronze age tribal men through their mythological expressions, gets turned into professed teachings 2000 years later on .

  • OnTheWayOut
    1. The Final Sealing of the Anointed occurs just prior to the outbreak of the Tribulation. This Final Sealing is when the true Anointed on earth become "once saved, always saved." From this point on they cannot lose their salvation. In addition, the Anointed somehow know in their hearts when this Final Sealing takes place, therefore, they will know that the outbreak of the Tribulation is imminent.

    This is just silly. By the time this takes place, 143,900 or more of these jokers should already be dead and in heaven, so what's to seal? It sounds more like a golden parachute for the cult leaders. "If anything we did comes into question, say we were already 'sealed' and shouldn't be questioned about it."

    1. Now begins a short time of calm during the Great Tribulation. This period may last weeks, months, or perhaps even 4 years. Jehovah's Witnesses begin preaching the "Judgment Message" instead of the"Kingdom Good News." People who were formerly in Christendom or the other religious groups lie and hide the fact that they were ever religious. They claim they've always been atheists.

    This sounds like a time factor for the leaders to pack their bags and transfer funds to their offshore accounts if the organization is falling apart.

  • Finkelstein

    Hi my name is Forest Gump and this is my religion. .....


    We did bad things, and now we are busted! It's the GT!! Let's hide in our bunkers. By the time everyone knows we are full of it, another "generation" will be dead. By then the GB helpers will have taken over the sales of our rebranded religion!


  • Tenacious
    I'm sure # 6 will be very popular.

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