Updated Chronological Timeline of the Great Tribulation -- after the New Light from July Watchtower

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  • Clambake

    I am not really sure how a coalition of nations from central Asia to North Africa is going to attack the all the Jehovah Witnesses. How many kingdom halls are actually in the Middle East.

    At least the evangelical view of Christianity with Israel and the church ( AKA, Christians, the body of Christ ) being two different things and Israel being attacked by a shitload of Muslims in the end days is at least is somewhat plausible.

    I just don’t see the logistical possibility of it even happening.

  • Finkelstein

    Why do they consider themselves more righteous than even their own fellows JWs?

    Because they have to be to be selected exclusively by Jesus .

    Since their numbers have grown continuously over the years though, the WTS (GB) (FDSL) have demeaned them as people who are less significant as they used to be.

  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "Plan #2 involves all JWs with good hearts to continue to worship the GB during the 'initial phase' of the GT of unknown length. This can be done in small groups in basements all over the world. As long as dubs believe 'the organization as a whole' can't be corrupted, they won't leave no matter how bad it gets.

    The GB will disappear ( rapture ) and the GB helpers will take the reigns for the foreseeable future. The negative exposure that will occur IF the org gets busted will be enough of a catalyst to cement the loyalty of j-dumbs for decades."

    The Watchtower Society...

    ...having their cake and eating it too since 1884.


    Finkelstein - "...the WTS (GB) (FDSL) have demeaned them as people who are less significant as they used to be."

    Yes, I think the word you're looking for is "amaharets".

  • daringhart13
    ....and then unicorn's fly out of the fountain of youth with the tooth fairy and Santa on their backs......
  • WingCommander
    Well, the Israelite God of War, YHWH, didn't have any feels about killing off ALL of the first born of Egypt just to prove a point to Pharaoh about who was really in charge. Children, infants, etc that had absolutely nothing to do with Pharaoh as a man or his decisions. According to Old Testament judgment, children are held responsible for the actions and decisions of their parents. Guilty by association. That's why today, "association" with the Governing Body is essential to be covered under Jesus' ransom sacrifice. The completely ignores the bible where it speaks about Jesus coming for ALL mankind and Him being the mediator for everyone, and about MERCY....but hey, when you're a full-blown JW you don't worry about minor details like that. Anyway, if YHWH didn't give a crap about all of those pagan pyramid worshipping babies, what makes you think he's going to give a crap about a few billion Muslims, Hindu's, etc children? He doesn't. This is all per JW convoluted barbaric reasoning.
  • prologos
    1. 11. The Gathering of the Anointed occurs. Jesus sends His angels to rapture the remaining Anointed up to Heaven.
    2. There is 'new light' ideas in the footnote of the mag. The rapturing anointed will leave their bodies on earth (unlike the heavenly bound Christ with his re-generated corps) and like in Jesus case, the angels will dispose of them. new light: no cremation, burial for the then GB. The Org reverting back to MIRACLES for undertaker services. . .
  • steve2

    So, contrary to Jesus' recorded words, it appears it is given to men to know the exact time and the hour; otherwise, why the timeline, huh?

    And what a convoluted timeline it is!

    On the plus side, for the weak and vulnerable there will be so many pre-warnings, they'll have time to sleep in, get a coffee and muesli bar and be at the kingdom hall well in time to re-commence giving rote answers during the Watchtower Study. The timeline is such a loving provision, yes!

    But seriously, my excuse for having once swallowed this laugh-out-loud sh*t was being born into it. What would ever possess an intelligent, clear-thinking individual to take this sort of message so seriously that they would not only "study" (that's an astonishing word in this context) with the Witnesses and agree to the terms and conditions of baptism and share the bullsh*t with still others? Oh yes, I forgot: Any intelligent, clear-thinknig individual would find this sort of tripe about as compelling as gnat droppings and give it a wide berth.

  • 3rdgen

    Gotta hand it to Watchtower. The "Spiritual food" they serve to the flock contains the perfect combination of EXCITEMENT (peace and security announcement/s followed by preaching "the message of doom"

    FEAR (Gog of Magog turns on JWs attempting to annihilate them. Then Jesus intervenes to save them and destroy the rest of human life. Better not be on the wrong side at that time!

    Greed (The reward= the 1,000 reign of Christ. The paradise, Pet lions and pandas, turning young and beautiful, having EVERY desire satisfied FOREVER

    It all may be spiritual junk food but it tastes like Coka Cola and for some is addicting.

  • Vidiot

    steve2 - "So, contrary to Jesus' recorded words, it appears it is given to men to know the exact time and the hour; otherwise, why the timeline, huh?"

    Well, in their (admittedly lame) defense, they're just stating "what"; they're not stating "when".

    With their (unofficial) record of failed predictions, I don't think they'd dare try that anymore (not that it makes the "what" any more plausible).

  • Vidiot

    3rdgen- "...having EVERY desire satisfied FOREVER..."

    So, what if one's "every desire" consists of obscene luxury, mountains of cocaine, and a nonstop parade of freaky sex with unbelievably hot women?

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