Updated Chronological Timeline of the Great Tribulation -- after the New Light from July Watchtower

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  • the comet
    the comet
    Thanks for posting this, started my day off with a good laugh! So the UN will turn on the Catholics, then ISIS? Sounds reasonable!
  • InjusticeSystem

    Wait wait wait wait wait........So can I seriously wait until after Babylon the Great has fallen and then choose to join up with no repercussions for stalling? Because that might actually be somewhat reasonable. Please someone tell me I can use this as a way to get my overbearing family off my back. Are they saying that there will be no difference in the chance of being saved if you join up now or when the judgement message is being preached?

    I would love to be able to tell my MIL, " Well I'm an athiest now, but if everything works out with the predictions I'll jump on when the time comes. In the meantime, I'm gonna actually be happy and do the shit I want. Thanks."

  • millie210

    They used to tie that idea of jumping in late to a parable about a man who came late to the field and still got paid a days wages.

    I dont remember book, chapter and verse - it is Matt, Mark, Luke or John!

  • FusionTheism

    Here are the relevant Watchtower quotes showing their New Light on the possibility of people repenting and supporting the Anointed during the Great Tribulation:

    Watchtower, March 15, 2015, Page 27:

    This judgment will occur toward the end of the great tribulation just ahead. And what of the reason why people will be judged as either sheep or goats? The outcome hinges on how they have treated the remaining ones of Christ’s spirit-anointed brothers on earth.

    Watchtower, July 15, 2015 Simplified Study Edition:

    In a similar way in the future, when the attack against Babylon the Great is “cut short,” we cannot expect that many people will suddenly convert to true Christianity.

    Watchtower, July 15, 2015 Regular Study Edition:

    Should we conclude, though, that the destruction of the religions of Babylon the Great results in the death of all the former members of those religions? Apparently not. The prophet Zechariah was inspired to write about that time. Speaking of someone who was previously part of false religion, the account states: “He will say, ‘I am no prophet. I am a man cultivating the soil, because a man bought me when I was young.’ And if someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds between your shoulders?’ he will answer, ‘Wounds I received in the house of my friends.’” (Zech. 13:4-6) So, apparently, even some of the clergy will abandon their religious course and deny that they were ever part of those false religions.

    [...] What will happen after the destruction of false religious organizations? It will be a time to reveal what is really in our heart. The majority of mankind will seek refuge in human organizations that are likened to “the rocks of the mountains.” (Rev. 6:15-17) Figuratively speaking, however, God’s people will flee to the refuge that Jehovah provides. In the first century, the interval was not a time for a mass conversion of Jews to Christianity. It was a time for action and obedience on the part of those who were already Christians. Similarly, we cannot expect that the future interruption in the great tribulation will result in an influx of new believers. Rather, it will be an opportunity for all true believers to prove their love for Jehovah and give their support to Christ’s brothers.

    [...] Although we do not fully understand all that will happen during that time of test, we can expect that it will involve some measure of sacrifice.

  • InjusticeSystem

    Thanks Millie210, I'll research that parable!

    FusionTheism - Thanks! Great thread! I wonder if this could be a game changer? A way for them to start being accepting of more people while still being able to say, "We told you so!," at the "end."

  • Vidiot

    "The United Nations ("Disgusting Thing") receives extra authority from the nations and outlaws the organizations within Christendom, confiscating their money and property."

    Demonstrates a woefully misinformed ignorance about the UN and what it's capable of.


    What'd I tell you guys, though?

    Apart from one or two minor details, Fred Franz's End-Times script is still pretty much canon.

  • Vidiot

    goingthruthemotions - "Sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings."


    At this point, The Lord of the Rings is more plausible.

    Can you imagine trying to get a studio to fund and greenlight a movie based on the Revelation Climax book?


    Hey, know what would be a real kick in the balls?

    If current events actually did play out like JW eschatology, but the UN/"King of the North" bitch-slapped the WTS first. :laughing:


    Ahh!!! I get it now! Bravo WTBTS prognosticators!! BRAVO!!!

    The destruction of false religion ( including their leaders ) will prove what is in your heart! We can't expect that many will convert to "true" Christianity!

    Translation: Only the dumbest dubs will remain loyal when we get busted. All false Xians will look upon them with disgust and fulfill the persecution prophecy.

    This is is a contingency plan. If nothing happens, the "End" is still forever soon! That's plan #1, and it ain't going away because it works.

    Now..... IF and when the WTBTS is exposed as a cult and as Pedo enablers/protectors, tax evaders, parasites on society, plan #2 can go into effect.

    Plan #2 involves all JWs with good hearts to continue to worship the GB during the "initial phase" of the GT of unknown length. This can be done in small groups in basements all over the world. As long as dubs believe "the organization as a whole" can't be corrupted, they won't leave no matter how bad it gets.

    The GB will disappear ( rapture ) and the GB helpers will take the reigns for the foreseeable future. The negative exposure that will occur IF the org gets busted will be enough of a catalyst to cement the loyalty of j-dumbs for decades.

    If none of that happens, it's more nu-light to explain why the GB are dead and the GT has not started. I think the WTBTS deliberately bringing persecution upon themselves is actually a better idea.


  • Finkelstein

    ummmmmm ..... This bullshit is delicious , Thank You very much Watchtower Corporation !

    May I have some more ???

  • hardtobeme

    I just don't get it. Why when Jesus was on earth preached love. He preached to love one another and to even love our enemies. Supposedly the anointed are trained this way of love, to have compassion, etc....

    And all of a sudden when they are in heaven things change. They will killed billions of people (including innocent children) cause they are not JWs. Are Jesus and the 144,000 really gonna do this? What in the word the GB thinks? Why do they consider themselves more righteous than even their own fellows JWs?

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