The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • cantleave

    This is why debating Christians or any other follower of delusion is futile.

  • Viviane

    Not to play along with the thread hijacking of trying to create yet another false equivalency between God and man by bringing up "Hey, people do bad stuff too!" as a reason to expect God to do nothing, I would offer this. Does the fact that my kids got into a fight this morning and one punched the other mean that I am free to not feed them, protect them or care for them? I am not sure why some people feel it's a good argument to basically say that MOST parents are more moral than God since, despite the mistakes their children make, the parent still care for their children in there here and now.

    If I were like God, I would never talk to them, let them fend for themselved, never take them to the doctore and just put money into their college fund (without ever telling them how much or when I would give it to them).

    I am pretty sure this is why Cofty want to avoid the rabbit hole arguments that come with the "humans cause problems too" argument and stay on topic.

  • cofty

    You have yet to post a single comment on topic Tammy. Please stop it or go and start your own thread on whatever it is you want to preach about.

    I have repeated the topic of this thread many times.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "His response was to THAT... not to the suffering of people. I would have thought that was obvious."

    You're not very good at being condescending.

    "while all along it is man who contributes and causes even MORE suffering than that."

    So you admit that god does cause suffering, just not as much as man contributes. This is truly enlightening. It's good to know that there would be less suffering if god didn't try so hard.

  • tec

    I have responded to the topic of the thread, Cofty. More than once. You have not responded.

    You're not very good at being condescending.

    Probably because I wasn't BEING condescending, nor trying to be so.

    So you admit that god does cause suffering, just not as much as man.

    No... man causes more suffering than natural disasters. Re-read my comment please.



  • PelicanBeach


    I hope you are willing to accept a similar statement made by a religious person you happen to disagree with.

    Absolutely. I believe everyone has the right to their own beliefs or non-belief. But when a believer or non-believer uses ridicule and insults to get their point across (not you Bohm) I am quite able and ready to toss the ball right back as I did on this thread. A few years ago I spent time reading Dawkins and watching his videos. What turned me off was his childish manner. He insisted on using ridicule and grossly exaggerated put downs to get his point across. What that told me was that though he was well educated he did not learn a thing about intelligent discussion. On the other hand Noam Chomsky and other well educated atheists do not need to resort to such childish antics to get their point across.

    Cofty's pic is designed, imo, to end discussion. It throws mud in the hope it will stick.

    I apologize for what appears to be rant.

    Thanks for the discussion, Bohm.

  • cofty

    I do wonder if the comments of believers do more harm to the cause of theism than those of atheists.

    Have you noticed that in many of the 15 apologies for god all that was necessary was to repeat the answer back to the apologist and add "really?"

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "He doesn't have to protect his followers from each other, Billy. His followers do not go after each other, or anyone for that matter. Those who CLAIM to be His followers, however... that is another matter."

    You've read the OT, right? The Hebrews were instructed by their god to battle, slaughter, and enslave. Read the history of Christianity and it's easy to see that once the number and power of the Christians reached a tipping point they went from being the oppressed to being the oppressors. Of course it's very easy to dismiss the savagery by saying they only "claimed" to be his followers right? But, if they were killing people in his name, why didn't he stop that?

    Or was he just to busy doing something else to try to stop people from killing others in the name of Jesus Christ?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    "No... man causes more suffering than natural disasters. Re-read my comment please."

    But I already proved that God causes the natural disasters. It's in the bible. Maybe you should read the bible rather than just your own comments.

  • PelicanBeach


    "Typical of your meaningless word games. This is more of your typical attempt to change the discussion to meaningless semantics to dodge the fact that you worship a savage Bronze Age god that couldn't protect his petty tribe then, and can't protect the billions of his followers from each other today."

    Thanks, that made my laugh. Yep, you're right Billy.

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