The Pastor of my Old Church Tried to Re-Convert Me Yesterday

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  • cofty

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussion thank you to all who took part - with the exception of the facile comments from Tammy and FHN.

    Just to be clear, my point has never been - Tsunami. Therefore there is not god.

    It started off as an account of an actual conversation. Thank you to Besty for bringing it back to the topic.

    God's inaction on Boxing Day morning 2004 raises a question for theism. An almighty, all knowing, loving god passively observed a disaster that needlessly took the lives of a quarter of a million people. doofdaddy has given us a first-hand account of the reality of the suffering that followed. How can these facts be reconciled?

    Pastor John offered 6 possible answers and others have offered another 11 in this thread. When I get a minute I will post a summary.

    Some of the answers have blamed the victim, some have surrendered the concept of a loving god, others have given up the power of god, many have tirvialised the suffering.

    All have failed so far. If anybody has a new insight please share. None of us want to be wrong any longer than necessary.

  • besty

    @kate - ok without putting words in your mouth tell me which bit I am misinterpreting:

    We cannot adopt anthromorphism to God, he is not human,

    Ok you can assert what he is not - that doesn't really move your argument forward as to what 'he' is

    the knowledge of God is in science,

    Most scientists disagree, so at best you are making another unsubstantiated assertion

    this fuels my enquirey as to why he is indifferent,

    interesting personal viewpoint

    it does not stop me from thinking he exists

    So your default position is to believe in an indifferent God without substantial evidence for either his indifference or his existence?

    In summary you have no idea what is going on - correct?

  • KateWild

    besty no incorrect, I am just more religious than you are. Kate xx

  • KateWild

    All have failed so far.-cofty

    I will always fail cofty, you are not religious, you cannot see God in science, thats okay but just lame. Kate xx

  • besty

    How do you define anthromorphic?

    Anthro-po-morphism, or personification, is attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being

    Off topic though really.

  • besty

    I am just more religious than you are

    and that summarises a thread-winning argument?

    Noted that you didn't point out anywhere I had put words in your mouth - your retraction of that accusation is welcomed.

  • KateWild

    oops I have been spelling Antropomorphism wrong. IMO it was on topic, I agree I won because I am more religious LOL, point is we are stable in our beliefs and respect that one can believe what one wishes, unlike WTBTS.

    Thanks its been fun guys. Kate xx


    Kate, belief in a god or gods is much the same deal whatever religion you attach yourself to. You are in the process of escaping from a prison, otherwise known as the Watchtower Society. Please take care not to repeat the same costly mistake you have already made.

    Freedom is truth. Digging through a prison wall, only to find yourself in the next cell, will not make you an expert on escapology.

  • KateWild


    good point I will take care. Kate xx

  • caliber


    Your spirit is as sweet music to my heart and soul

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