Who wants to live forever?

by Doug Mason 53 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • 144001

    Living forever on a "paradise earth," inhabited solely by Jehovah's Witnesses and vegetarian animals, is my idea of hell on earth!

  • rmt1

    The life span of a universe like ours, presently understood, is about 10^100. After that there's not much >at all< to see. So living that long would be a decent minimum lifespan, if one really wants to see every variety of thing that there is to see. Anything less is dying young. And 10^100 is >not< forever. That packs of fools should be fined a nickle every time "forever" passes their pie hole.


  • prologos

    cold steel, I thought being perfect meant shedding the cloths, even the fig leafs? and where are the surfers in the endless summer??

    of course the good "fresh light" point is that the GB will be gone even before Armageddon, and perhaps we will have a resuming of pursuing that lady on the left-- after the final test to

    re-populate the earth, so

    lets hope MANY will rebel after the 1000 years , as they well might, after that long a time of meetings, regimentation, glorious ones, --

  • snare&racket

    The logic the WT use is flawed.... We dont want to die therefore it is logical to say it is unnatural and that we were meant to love forever.

    this is so dumb, our biology dictates that we dont want to die, otherwise we would not survive as a species,

    For those that want to narrow it down to basics...

    Do animals want to die? Are animals to live forever?..........EXACTLY!

    We are machines and need energy, for us to live forever, we would consume energy, to live forever is to deny another human the right to live becuase there is finite energy and space. WE can live forever through our genes, our offspring, we can let them live.

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