Who wants to live forever?

by Doug Mason 53 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • LostGeneration

    The absurdity of living forever on earth only becomes clear once you really think about it.

    Of course everyone want their own panda bear for petting and fruit platters for a few years. I mean that might be nice for a decade or two, but after that?

    I'd grow tired of the fruit buffets, the creepy smiling plastered on everyone's face, and the endless sunny days. How about a little variety? Am I going to be able to slaughter animals to eat meat once and awhile?

    Will it ever snow again? How about a rainstorm? Or will it be sunny and 70 degrees forever?

    And all of the prohibitions that I imagine will be carried over into the new system....no casinos, no getting drunk, no oral?????? Or no sex at all as some WT publications have suggested?

    No businesses. No football leagues. No TV. No internet I would suspect. How much free will is there going to be in this supposed paradise?

    Add to that the lack of ambition that will permeate society, after all, there will always be tomorrow!

    Why do anything if you will always have another day! Nothing will ever get done!

  • Quarterback

    Well I would probably have tried all of those Kama Sutra positions, but maybe some of those positions will get me destroyed after 1,000 years.

  • Vidiot

    Doug Mason - "Who wants to live forever?"

    There's no chance for us...

  • Twitch

    There can be only one

  • smiddy

    The topic isnt who wants to live forever on earth.

    If conscious thought survived the death of the physical body and not bound by earthly restraints , would you not like to live forever then ?

    I know I would .


  • prologos

    not at any price, not in wt land, not with expanded wt domination.

  • Vidiot

    Yeah, once I visualized what the entire planet would really be like under total WT authority, it didn't take me long to realize that I wouldn't wanna live there.

  • looter

    Life is already dull in the long run. In five billion years time, you probably would have already commited suicide...

  • Quarterback

    Well, aren't you guys a cheery lot. C'mon now. Don't you enjoy pizza party's?. I could do that over and over. What about watching the Super Bowl?

    The WT doesn't have the Monopoly on Ever Lasting life. They can't even give you any information about it. Just new scrolls opened, and 1,000 year rule etc.

    Open up your imagination, the are all those planets that we can explore. Lots of things to do. Somethings I can do over and over.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Yes, yes, what to do...what to do. Unfortunately, the JWs don't really offer much of a view of what happens after the resurrection and what the purpose of living in a garden forever is. What would God want with a planet full of adults? Pets? Entertainment, like an ant farm? Unlike Adam and Eve, the new world would be populated by beings who know good from evil. And why did God not want Adam and Eve to know the difference between good and evil, but not mind if the new people know the difference?

    I am assuming, of course, that there won't be any children in the new world. You'll have a bunch of perfect male and female people in the prime of life (forever), walking along beaches, frolicking in the sun...and no romantic thoughts. All they have to do is remember those angels who got carried away in lust and their minds will turn to petting lions and jogging in the surf.

    In a righteous society, though, laws and governance aren't needed. People will govern themselves. So what is the purpose of the 144,000? To govern a people who neither need nor want governing?


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