Who wants to live forever?

by Doug Mason 53 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • clarity

    If it were true that JW's would run the world,

    I definitely don't wanna be there! Can you imagine!!!


    Otherwise as long as my life was interesting & fullfilling,

    and each day there was something to work at, or learn

    or enjoy ... dying would be such a waste!

  • ShirleyW

    SFPWl/ STFU you didn't even pay attention to your post above, you say ex-jws can't imagine lliving forever because they can't envision anything beyond this system of things. Who would know better than an XJW the drivel that's spewed out by the seven old guys in Brooklyn about the new system of things and how it will be paradise, no sickness, etc.. You might want to retract that statement.

    BTW, since you probably pay for the Big A every night (and will no doubt be swept away by it like all us evil apostates here) let me ask you a question my mother told me that the Bible Study conductor asked everyone at the mtg one Thursday night, he went around the room asking everyone what kind of animal they would like to have as a pet living in their back yard in the new system, so, what would you like? Lion, elephant, alligators ?

  • transhuman68

    My JW mother is absolutely 'hooked' on the idea of living forever- but she has wasted the last 41 years of the only life she will ever lead by not learning anything, not paying attention to life, and not taking a stand for anything she believes in; as if nothing really matters. I think this is typical of Witnesses- they need forever to make up for all the time they have wasted in this life; doing useless petty things for themselves and this stupid religion they believe in...

  • jam

    Finding a suitable mate to live forever together. After dating over

    500 years trying to find that perfect mate, then you find the special

    person the one you will spend eternity with. The positive, no need

    to rush into marriage and have kids. The negative, spending eternity

    with one person. Maybe love grows stronger over time, but a million years

    down the road, I don't know.

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    It depends. Towards the end of my JW tenure, the idea of living forever in their version of paradise became abhorrent to me. In my own version it might be good. In the world the way it is, I'll be happy with 80 years.

  • wizzstick

    SFPW - the Great Crowd are in heaven so it really doesn't matter.

    For me, would I want to live forever in good health? Of course. But as long as there was new things to learn. Otherwise forever would be very boring!

  • exwhyzee

    Every morning I open the back door and let my dog outside and every morning he's acts like it's the first time he's ever been out there. He explores every inch of it with all the gusto he can muster. To me, in order for everlasting life to be bearable, there would have to be some kind of shift in how one experiences time, and there would have to be a change in ones memory and attention span as well. My dog remembers things when he see's them but I'm sure he doesn't think about anything specifically unless it's right in front of him. He lives in the absolute moment, doesn't plan ahead or think about the past. I think we'd have to be like that to some degree. Kids are sort of like that in that they don't have a complete concept of time or of the future. Back when I believed in the Adam and Eve story, I used to think that maybe part of the innocence they lost when they sinned, was the childlike concept of time.

    Growing up as a JW I was force fed the notion that I wasn't even going to graduate highschool before the New System arrived let alone get old enough to die from old age. I don't think I'd have expected such a thing had the adults in my life not held out everlasting life as something I should want.

    Now I don't really want to live forever but I don't necessarily want to die either. Good thing it's out of my hands because I wouldn't be able to decide. These days I'm trying to be more like my dog by living in the moment more and not expecting too much out of life. Now that I've quit going to those meetings where the bad in the world is the main topic and where you are encouraged to live your life in suspended animation until armageddon , I find that I'm much more content and less aprehensive about the future.

  • clarity
  • smiddy

    It all depends on your circumstances and the environment you live in I guess.

    Would a person who is just existing in a shanty town living from day to day never knowing where his next scrap of food is coming from , I dont think he/she would like to live forever under those conditions with no way out of it.

    Somebody who is born with a silver spoon in their mouth , living in luxury , no financial worries , enjoying excellent health ,participating in any and every activity they want , then why wouldnt they want to live forever with those conditions continuing.

    A utopia not constrained by our own imagination , but with unlimited opportunities , then yes , I would love to live forever.


  • factfinder

    I would want to live forever if was like I was taught it would be in the TRUTH book, pefect health, no pain, beautiful, peaceful, safe surroundings, my friends and family there, always something new and interesting to learn, sounds good to me!

    Too bad it ended up just being a fairy tale.

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