I told the elders that I would take blood and donate blood

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  • jwfacts

    Daniel555 - that is the only question the elders care about, and the standard question they will ask when anyone has doubts. They don't really care if you don't believe some doctrine, as every elder disagrees with things, shelves questions, and waits for new light. But if you do not believe the Watchtower represents God's slave class, then you are an apostate and a danger to the congregation.

    What I found strange in my paperwork was that non-belief in the Bible is not a matter for being disfellowshipped. See http://jwfacts.com/images/1-2005-CO-report-marked-s-303-form.gif They were only concerned if I was to tell others. When I had my judicial committee, though I had told them I did not believe the Bible, they still kept asking me if I believed the Watchtower represented the Slave. That really is what makes a person a Jehovah's Witness. I think there is a lot more fear of a person that claims not to believe in the Slave, than someone that claims not to believe in God or the Bible, because they are more of a threat to the congregation, because it indicates they have information that is a lot more damaging to a person's faith.

  • shopaholic

    Not sure why you need to tell them anything. Your decision on blood is a personal one but I guess you're doing it for your wife.

    I was taken before the elders once by a relative because of a change I made to the blood card (which I no longer carry). The elders informed me what would happen if I accepted blood and stated it was a personal decision and asked that I not share it with others. They also prayed that I would changed my mind if I were ever in such a situation. I was not marked and continued to pioneer.

    Regarding the FDS being God's chosen channel, the FDS no longer believes this to be the case so why should you? The new understanding is that they are waiting to be chosen.

  • mauiboy

    Meet with 1 or 2 elders & it is a scary thing....it's a "lead in" to a judicial committee. If you are ready for that, go ahead. If there are 3 elders there when you show up,it may already be a JC. I've seen it happen. Sheep to the slaughter. Just be aware.



    That letter was crazy. They really think that they are spirit-directed detectives! Nutters...


  • Daniel1555

    Jwfacts Paul: The notes about you by the CO are very interesting. Shocking that they wanted to meet with you just that you might say something about whivh they could get you. Thanks for the insight.

    Mauiboy: If they want me in a jc they have to telk me beforehand that it's a jc meeting. For me it is not scary to talk to 2 elders as they usuallycome by 2 and we had several discussions already about doubts even about the topic that I don't believe the gb is spirit directed.

    Shopaholic: thanks for your interesting comment

  • wallsofjericho

    JW Facts

    "Non belief is not a judicial matter"? how can you believe the org is the chosen channel of God if you don't believe in God?

    i can't believe they are so blinded by their own man made, pharisaical rules that they can't just act the way even they believe Jah would want them to


  • Vidiot


    Atheism isn't explicitly a DFing offense per se, but renouncing the GB/FDS's authority is???

    That should tell you all you need to know right there, boys and girls.

  • Syme

    Daniel, be careful!

    Jwfacts made some very solid points.

    Not wanting to abstain from blood may not be a DF cause, but not accepting the slave's teachings is. You could be charged with apostasy if, in front of 2 persons you admit, and insist, you disagree with a basic WTS teaching, regardless if you share it with others or not.

    Of course you do well not to be scared with 2-elders discussions, but bear in mind that the basic reason for the "2 elders" rule is so that they have the "2 witnesses" available for judicial action, in case something comes up. If you want to have an in-depth, honest discussion regarding matters of belief and doubt, do it with only 1 person.

  • Narcissistic Supply
    Narcissistic Supply

    I don't understand why anyone is afraid of these douchbags.

  • RayPublisher

    Daniel you are standing up for what you believe and it's incredibly brave. Those of us that have done this (and there are many) rarely regret the decision.

    You have a PM!

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