I told the elders that I would take blood and donate blood

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    mindnumbed - "...finally in frustration he ended it with ... 'we don't disfellowship people for taking blood anymore'."

    Yeah, that confirms what Barb Anderson has been suggesting for a while; the WTS is trying to phase out the blood ban (without looking like they're phasing it out).

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    I told the elders that I would take blood and donate blood

    Expect to get marked and if you did have any privileges, they are most likely going to be removed.

    The JW organization is a power organization and they do not like people inside or out messing with their power.

    You may not get DFed but you will be closely watched.

  • Ding

    I think a key statement is your comment that you may be wanting them to DA you so you can get out.

    Try to sort out what you want.

    If you want to DA, then DA. Why wait for the elders to do it to you?

    What is holding you in? Family? Friends? Doubts? Fear?

  • Giordano

    "Now on Friday the elder I wrote to together with another one, will talk to me about that subject."

    Two witnesses is what they need for a JC. Your not going to present any kind of information about the blood issue they would accept. So why empower them. Do not meet with them.

    I'd call off the visit....... tell them your still doing research and rethinking your point of view........ then just stop being involved with JW's. Walk away.

    Remember this is a group that has developed an ignorant culture that allows them to compel their followers to avoid medical procedures that they don't approve of. First it was vaccines....then they changed their minds. Then it was Blood. Then for a decade or so they were against transplants...... then they changed their minds. Then they changed their minds about blood and allowed factions. Of course factions don't get the job done in many situations so JW'S continued to die.

    Eventually, some feel the WT will step away from blood banning entirely.

    But the long of it is that many thousands including children died needlessly because of the ignorance of the WTBTS positions.

    With that kind of unloving attitude why empower them........ just avoid them all together including meetings.

  • AlphaMan

    (Maybe you can't understand why I wrote this to the elders. Maybe I even wish that they disassociate me because that would be a way to leave. It is so hard to go to all the meetings and pretend)

    If you are in a position where you don't care to get DA'd or DF'd...what makes the better statement?

    If the elders do it people will think YOU did something wrong and was punished.

    If YOU do it people will wonder what YOU seen that caused YOU to leave.

  • clarity

    the WTS is trying to phase out the blood ban (without looking like they're phasing it out).

    The worst of it is ...no one knows this! They will still die for GB's lack of honesty!


    This watchtower society is evil & it should be considered as a crime!

  • Daniel1555

    hanks for your answers so far.

    Of course I will keep you informed how that talk goes.

    In my congregation the elders are quite loving. They know that I had doubts about different other topics (thats why I stepped back as an elder 3 years ago. But I will not compromise on this.

    Mark mysfcf

    Are you also from switzerland? I hope it is all well between you and your wife as you stopped so abruptly with the meetings.

    Datadog you have a pm

  • ABibleStudent

    Best of wishes to you Daniel1555 when you talk with the elders. The elders will either "Help" you to refuse blood transfusions or say that you are no longer a JW because you DA'ed yourself. There is a zero possibility that the elders will support your conscience and conclusions. I hope that you wife will support you if you are DA'ed.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


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    Narcissistic Supply

    Why do you have to tell them anything. It's none of their fucking business.

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