I told the elders that I would take blood and donate blood

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  • Daniel1555

    I found it important to be honest with my wife. So I told her about my conscience decision that in a medical urgency I want blodless medicine but if a transfusion of blood or the 4 prohibited components is necessary to save my life or health I would accept it. This would apply especially also for our child (that is not such a problem as in our country the WTS recommends to comply with doctors as they have the right to decide concerning minors).

    I showed her the reasons why I came to that conscience decision (biblical and logical reasons) and that Jehovah and Jesus do not like anyone to die because of this wrong bible application.

    I found it important to show this all to her, because we are a family and we should know how to act before we are in a life threatening medical situation (if I destroyed my blood card she would have found out about it anyways).

    One month has passed after we discussed about it. She still thinks the blood doctrin is correct although she sees the logical flaws concerning the fractions (she sweeps them under the carpet). I don't want to stress those flaws more, because at least she accepts fractions and I don't want her to refuse them.

    After our discussion she wanted me to tell the elders about my conscience decision.

    I did that now. So I wrote them about my stand concerning blood and why I scripturally think like that and why my conscience doesn't allow me to be bloodguilty for an interpretation of the scriptures that I clearly think is wrong.

    Now on Friday the elder I wrote to together with another one, will talk to me about that subject.

    How do you think will they react? What will be the outcome?

    The "shepherding..." book says that someone disassociates if he "willingly and unrepentantly takes blood."

    Now I didn't take blood. I just would if I were in such a situation.

    Do you think they would still consider me disassociated, even if I didn't take blood?

    (Maybe you can't understand why I wrote this to the elders. Maybe I even wish that they disassociate me because that would be a way to leave. It is so hard to go to all the meetings and pretend).

  • AlphaMan

    How do you think will they react? What will be the outcome?

    We don't call the Watchtower the Borganization for nothing. You will be assimilated.

    Good luck though.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Daniel, interesting thread. I just had this conversation with my 18 year old. We have both decided to take blood if absolutely necessary. We have not informed the ardent JW in the house about this, as would cause him anguish. My 18 yo and I have decided to back each other up if this horrible event occurs.

    One thing to remember is: all the animals sacrificed were killed, their blood was drained out, so yes, their life was in the blood. When humans donate blood, they don't sacrifice their lives to do it. To me, that is the biggest difference there is. Jesus died, so his life was a sacrifice, donors don't die because they gave blood.

  • LisaRose

    Great picture Alpha man.

    I think it all depends on the elders in your Congo, if they like you they might just ignore it, unless you actually did take blood, but I can imagine there are some hard nosed elders out there who would disfellowship you for apostasy, just for saying you would.

    If your end goal is to disassociate, why not just do that? Otherwise you may get pulled into a JC, which will probably not be pleasant.

  • pronomono

    I have no insight as to what they will do in your case. I agree with AlphaMan, though. They will try to assimilate you. Depending on the elders and their relationship with you, the outcome could be different. If you've ever pissed them off before, this could be just the excuse they were looking for to take corrective action. But if they value you as a friend, they may try to push this under the rug for now and try to progressively change your mind. It all depends on your elders and a lot of circumstantial factors.

    Cheers on taking action. I took my Blood card out of my wallet finally last week. My wife hasn't noticed (or at least hasn't said anything). One step at a time, my brother.

  • tenyearsafter

    If your Elders are hardcore company men, you may likely face a JC for apostasy...you are sharing a viewpoint with other people that opposes the WT's position. I suspect they will expect you to have a "sincere" change of heart or you will be disfellowshipped for spreading dissension and apostate teachings. It is unlikely they will be looking to "discuss" your position...

  • mindnumbed

    I had the blood discussion with an elder, I didn't come right out and say that I would take blood but I did tell him all the reasons I thought it didn't make sense ... he tried to reason on it to no avail, finally in frustration he ended it with ... we don't disfellowship people for taking blood anymore. I doubt they will disfellowship you for telling them that you wouldn't have a problem taking blood ... but if you insisted on sharing your thoughts with other members and they started talking to the elders about it, that is a different scenario, causing division is not tolerated.


    It depends on the BOE and the CO. I was accused of apostasy by the BOE, but the CO shot them down. So, you never know.... Technically, you are not in good standing or an approved associate if you do not believe every teaching of the WTBTS. You could be considered a false apostle or an apostate as well. I base that on the 1980's BOE letter. You have private beliefs, that is NOT allowed. They may attempt to re-adjust and calibrate your mind in order to win you back. It's hard to say..

    I am interested to know how you tactfully presented the information to your wife. Also, please let us know what happens. Record it if you can, even if you just share the transcripts. Only if you want to, and think it is safe. Hang in there Bro, you can't un-ring a bell.


  • mysfcf

    Interesting thread Daniel. If I'm right, you are are also a swiss.

    I would also accept blood if my life would depend on it. This was acutally the first issue I deeply researched and that woke me up 2 years ago. I just stopped attending from one week to the other and almost never returned. It was hard for my wife, but she accepted it. I also stopped talking to the eldubs as I figured that they were just (in)questioning me and did not offer any real help for any question. So no point in talking to them if real questions are not allowed - I can read WTLib on my own.

    I expect you to be dissacotiated by expressing other belives but it may depend on your eldubs. Let us know what happens.

    Regards, Mark.

  • Vidiot

    Daniel1555 - "Maybe I even wish that they disassociate me because that would be a way to leave. It is so hard to go to all the meetings and pretend."

    JW seppuku, huh? Well, you wouldn't be the first one...

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