" the universe made itself " but---

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    It comes down to maths, the maths dont lie. Simples.

  • KateWild

    WMF, I asked you to explain why in your own words you think my explaination is not valid. Please explain.

    Kate xx

  • jgnat


    Absorption lines in the optical spectrum of a supercluster of distant galaxies (right), as compared to absorption lines in the optical spectrum of the Sun (left). Arrows indicate redshift. Wavelength increases up towards the red and beyond (frequency decreases).

    From Wikipedia on redshift.

    This is why the Hubble telescope is being fitted with an infrared detector, because these extreme galaxies are so far away, the redshift is in the infrared range.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Your "explaination" is NOT an explanation, why should I explain that to you? That would be like trying to convince Larsinger58 that he isnt Christ.

    Here's another: There is a galactic teapot at the centre of each galaxy, they were there BEFORE the universe and the galaxies coalesced around them. Please explain to me why that is not a valid explanation?

  • KateWild

    why should I explain that to you? -WMF

    So I can understand your perspective, simply saying my explaination is no explaination, does not invalidate it to me. My theory is a theory as infinity is merely a concept.

    This leads me to suspect you don't understand science in the way I am describing them, if not that's fine just be honest.

    Love Kate xx

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    You are correct i dont understand science in the way you describe it... I prefer Jim Al-Khalilli and Brian Cox any day.

    I could have spent hours writing post after post to try and explain it but then end result would be the same, you would still choose to believe watever you want to, ...except this way i haven't wasted hours doing it.

  • KateWild

    i haven't wasted hours doing it.-WMF

    Thanks for bieng honest love Kate xx

  • prologos

    jgnat, we know about those lines and WHY they are stretched into the red. Doppler et al. but explain please

    HOW the the shift of the far & early light and

    by comparison the spectra from the nearer & younger sources indicate that

    the newer ones are receding faster than in the standard Hubble constant model. and

    if there is really a fast track to dispersing the universe, excess energy, dynamics would explain it.so:

    There goes the WT hope of eternal life on earth, the stuff will have dispersed, sun and all, before we even get started on eternity. ha.

  • prologos

    maths dont lie, well,

    please let's see YOUR math.-

    that is relevant to the question wether they universe made itself,

    is not the result of energya cting through distance & time==== WORK.

    Work like in opus, accomplishment.

  • Simon

    Whatever did or didn't make god also did or didn't make the universe.

    Claiming an infinitely existing super-being is less of an explanation than complexity gradually developing due to natural processes with an initial spark.

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