" the universe made itself " but---

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    Autistic spectrum? I am detecting it.

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    Autistic spectrum? I am detecting it.-WMF

    LOL! I detect it a lot, but apparantly it is socially unaccepable to tell people they have ASD. I don't understand why, but many have a bad reaction. Kate xx

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    KW&WMF why try to become amateur(ish) practioners in brain disorders when you could keep on topic ?.

    S&R -"expecting people to explain it to you--" well, look at the great details covered on the

    ABIOGENESIS thread, which touches on the related, but much simpler BIG question.

    like me, many readers here need not learn the specialist knowledge in YET more detail, but are eager to be stimulated in their

    thinking about realty, where wt starved us. so as sub question,

    did the universe follow instructions when it made itself, supply its own energy to climb out of the smaller than plank- size energy singularity?

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    Hi Prologos,

    "Did the universe follow instructions when it made itself, supply its own energy to climb out of the smaller than plank- size energy singularity?"

    When one reads articles on cosmology you'll run across the idea of symmetry. To say it another way, that the laws of physics apply consistently across time and space. Although some have suggested things like the speed of light may have changed over time or some other laws of physics has varried, as far as I know symmetry has proved correct so far as we can observe. Indeed, it is extremely important to the idea as to why we can know anything at all. If the Universe were whimsical we would have to give up a pursuit of knowledge. This is one of my main philosophical objections to the idea of an interactive God that acts according to his purpose in violation of the laws of nature -- it negates our ability to gain knowledge.

    But... is the Universe merely a computer program computing towards some end? At the level of Quantum Physics it appears exactly not that. There is a fundemental randomness intrinsic to matter at this level. Yet, even though all we can do at the QP level is speak in terms of probabilities, something interesting seems to happen as we scale upwards towards are larger macro world. Things get so predictable we can say things like E = mC^2, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, etc. The lack of complete predictability in QP bothered Einstein to the point that he called the theory incomplete and through a number of thought experiments attempted to show the application of QP reached absurd conclusions.

    Yet, all Einstein accomplished in this is further establishing the formulas of QP were correct, no matter how odd some of the conclusions might be. Now we know directly some of those things such such as Quantum Entanglement are real because experiments have proved this is the case.

    As to the phrase "supply its own energy" I'll need to call on other posters more knowledgable than me, but that strikes me as incorrect. As far as I know conservation of energy would dictate all the energy/matter in the Universe today was there at the beginning. In fact, the problem currently being pursued with gusto is attempts to detect all the various forms of energy and matter in existence, that would explain current rates of expansion.



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    rmt. thank you. in the link it refers to the INCREASE in dark energy. my question related to

    did or does the universe supply it's own energy:

    Is this "new"dark energy thought to have been present in the nothingness that the universe is expanding into? i.e. "outside" the expanding space?

    r-awe. interesting contribution. yes, we can do reliable research because the natural laws are not overruled by a bellyaching god, but at the QC level randomness would allow that? including

    spooky action at a distance, entangelements? into the pre-big bang area / era? entering science fiction domain here.

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    Witness My Fury

    Email Dr. Michio Kaku and ask him....... [email protected]

    What makes you think anyone on this forum has any meaningful answers to those sort of questions? Or are you just stroking your own ego? The questions you ask suggest a lack of knowledge, yet you claim to know a great deal.

    Ask those who KNOW this stuff for answers IF answers is what you want. Asking those who appear to know less than you claim to know suggests an ulterior motive.

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