Giant thread of convince-me-not-to-be-a-theist

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  • tec

    DS211, there is nothing I can say or do on this board that will not have Cofty, et al, coming on and attacking me, rather than the argument. However, the things I posted are there for your consideration. If YOU want to ask me anything more about them, then I will happily answer, on the board or in PM.



  • DS211

    Agreed tammy...christ tells us to continue knocking and it will be given to you. I search for truth. Truth is truth whether you want it to be or not. I am alsovery aware of the amount of energy one might need to create a human. However i must add that if God saw fit to allow himans to live their life...the. What right does he have to destroy or torment them should they choose not to believe the evidence theyve seen when he allowed them to live. Or what if a person lives righteously but doesnt attribute this to God? Is he condemned like the wicked?

    My last question. If you knew a child was kidnapped and was going to be molested, tortured, and killed...and you had the knowledge and opportunity to act, would you?

    Thats whats happening everyday out there. And God has the ability to stop it, yet he doesnt? Thats cruel to me. If god is all knowjng why didnt he stop the snake in the garden? Free will?

  • tec

    (I am not ignoring your questions, but my boys are ready to watch a movie with me, so I will get back to you after that... Peace)

  • EndofMysteries

    On evolution, it only makes sense a creator WOULD allow a species to evolve.

    Why is it that the whitest races/people originate from the nordic regions, with weak sunlight, months of darkness, cold where they are fully clothed, and the darkest color are those in a very hot, sunlight, and naked or close to naked.

    When very white people are exposed to sunlight, they tan.

    So skin color alone, as it is in modern times, is the result of civilizations for thousands of years living in those areas, and generation after generation.

    Why are there no dark black people who had been in sweden for thousands of years or vice versa?

    If one asks why then don't blacks who give birth in sweden create whites? Because the body and dna was altered over thousands(?) of years being in Africa. Airplanes and fast travel are only the past century.

  • wasblind

    " Personally I reject God for other reasons .

    1 . The world looks exactly as we would expect it as if there were no God. When shit happens

    2. The total hiddenous of God is impossible to explain "______Cofty



    Your not alone. From what I read

    If anyone can understand how you feel, my guess is that it would be Jesus

    he felt that way at one time.



    Matthew 27:46 " Father, why have you foresaken me ? "



  • snare&racket

    Can I ask you a question DS211...


    what if I give you belief in a god and said ok, lets say there is one.... Now I'm willing to go one further and say the bible is true, all 100% true. These 2 things now equate to the stands



    Been as I got to this state AFTER I decided Watchtower were lying and wrong, but BEFORE I was an atheist, this position is not totslly foreign to me.

    ok so now we have accelted this position, here is my question...

    Does that god deserve respect or worship according to his behaviour and actions as set out in the bible?

  • snare&racket

    P.s. I can't believe Tec still doesnt understand why it is important to tell people how she comes upon her information, namely a voice she hears, that she relies on and then communicates to other people this 'information' as if fact. Considering how many times Tec has been incorrect and how much her story has adjusted (feel free to search her posts history), if there is so eone talking to her, they haven't been to school...

    e.g. Things that Tec SAYS as if its FACT..... Ask her how she knows these things....

    "On the matter of Genesis 1, the the creation 'days' do not state that they are any specific amount of time. The sun and the moon and the stars created to govern the day and the night are not even formed until 'day four'. These days are time periods that could have spanned thousands, even millions of years. The account also does not say HOW God created animals, sea-life, etc.... only that He did so. It is only some fundamental, literalist views that would state that each day was a set time and that God 'poofed' things into existence."

    Just like the governing body, L Ron Hubbard, Joseph Smith..... Tec is special and has been gifted special knowledge we all don't have, well unless we read her posts on an internet forum....

    or you can read some science :/

  • confusedandalone

    Matthew 27:46 " Father, why have you foresaken me ?

    because obviously jebus wasn't aware that this was gonna happen... What a crock of shit

  • wasblind

    If you say so Confusedandalone. I'm not trynna convert you or anybody else

    Cofty's thought made me relfect on what I had read from the Bible

    plain and simple

  • Fernando

    I believe God wants us to exercise free choice and make up our own minds.

    There must be many lines of enquiry one could follow to deepen one's understanding of the world beyond our 5 senses, if we chose to.

    Some that seem to stand out to me:

    • law vs grace
    • faith vs works
    • the gospel vs religion
    • faith vs religion
    • spirituality vs religiosity
    • is legalism apostasy?
    • is moralism apostasy?
    • is (Nicaean) ethnocentrism apostasy?
    • is religious Gnosticism apostasy?
    • why do religionists redefine and distort: apostasy, prophecy, faith, spirituality, mediatorship, discipleship, the gospel and the Kingdom?
    • consciousness
    • conscience
    • captivity vs liberation vs freedom
    • death vs salvation vs eternal life
    • enmity vs reconciliation vs adoption
    • decay vs restoration vs perfection
    • Transpersonal Psychology
    • Psychiatric Pneumatology
    • Management vs leadership

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