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  • cofty

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your posts.

  • 3rdgen

    Welcome! You are the answer to the very old JW joke: Who is the shortest man in the Bible? Kneehighmiah. Of course you already know that LOL. I am so glad to see so many waking up to the truth about the Truth-TTATT. It's even better to see MS and elders on the board. I look foreward to hearing more from you.

  • happy@last
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    Welcome, when I resigned as an elder and left in told my 'fellow' elders to treat everyone with love. They haven't and can't following the directions given them. It's good to have you here, you are not alone.

  • whathappened

    Good to have you here. Stay and we will help you .

  • cantleave

    Welcome - I can relate to your situation, I was directly lied to by our COBE in an elders meeting. There is no H. spirit (.) involved in appointments just a measure of how much you suck up to the main influencers in the congregation.

  • hellenback

    Welcome brother & by brother I mean on a human level.

    Its a long & will sometimes be a painful road for you. We on here or most of have travelled that road already & some here are also questioning but havn't made the jump yet but we are all here for you.

  • Etude

    Glad to have you aboard, kneehighmiah. I think that if you keep going in the same direction you're in now, you will be able to look back in a few years and marvel at your own transformation. I think that for a lot of people, leaving does not happen overnight. Be careful. Try to retain your friends and family if that's possible.

  • kneehighmiah

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I really appreciate it. I thankfully have attended college. I stopped caring about what other people thought on the matter. My biggest regret surprisingly is not having the opportunity to play high school sports especially football. I always wanted that experience. Looking back I see that was just another man made rule. No basis in scripture. I'm not bitter though. I have great friends and because of our network of brothers I've been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively to foreign conventions and branches. I'm grateful for that. The average jw, especially the ones who aren't big shots are so loving.

    One post I read that made me die laughing was from a brother who was in the chairman's office at the District Convention with all the bosses. Hilarious. It's exactly like a country club. Everyone is just chillin except for the 2 brothers timing the talks.

    Service is also becoming a joke. Worked with an elder today. Did 10 houses. Knocked once, put the special tract in the door and moved on. Then a long coffee break, a long drive to 2 return visits and finished. "3" hours. Plenty of good non spiritual conversation about hot female celebrities, cars fishing and football though, so I had fun.

  • greendawn

    Welcome kneehighmiah, I congratulate you for being perceptive and realising despite the constant indoctrination that the JWs operate like a loveless legalistic corporation rather than the true christian religion they claim to be they surely do not have or even understand what the christian spirit is. As for the governing body or the similarly minded presidents that preceeded them before the mid 1970's to get an idea of their character read Gruss's book "The four presidents of the society", you can see a substantial part of the book if you Google the title and author and then click on "Books" to the top left of the Google search page.

    They are anything but the sincere, saintly people that God would choose as the guardians of his house that they claim to be.

  • greendawn

    Here is the link to the above book:

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