True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

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  • RichardHaley

    bookmarked... thanks bluepill2

  • creativespirit

    My ex-husband (Bethelite 4 yrs 1966-1969) told me zillions of stories consisting of homosexuality, falsifying construction codes, complete disdain for R&F, paying off city officials to bypass construction codes, sexual perversion, hypocrisy, elitism, alcoholism, etc. etc.) so long ago I can't remember everything now....

    The strange thing is that after our divorce (and his run-ins with the hierarchy), after his fornicating with other women, after him telling me he was attracted to young girls (the younger the better), after his confessions to me of hitting on various congregation women....

    HE was the one who stayed with JW's - and remarried I believe.

    I walked away from him and JW's in 1976 (officially DA'd) and never looked back.

    Except for here - this is how far-reaching the mind control is - why am I still interested?

    Well my interest has indeed waned, but I still check in now and then to read very interesting threads like this one. Completely validates my rejection of the WTBTS.

  • steve2

    The male capacity to reinvent himself would be impressive were it not so embarrassing to all but the poor male.

    Trading in older wives/partners for younger models is a trait found in males across most cultures and ethnic groups - but it is especially perfectable by religious men of all hues and shades. Think harems and special divine messages: Where else but in patriarchal religions would there be such a thing as multiple wives or policies allowing for re-marriage? This has little to do with the divine and more to do with wilful genitalia.

    By getting a younger model, the male becomes re-invigorated which feeds into self delusion which in turn promotes religious repentance. Repentance for males is quite okay - especially since they get to have their cake (the younger models) and eat it too (being reinstated).

    I would like to think that women see through this juvenile tom-foolery and have the courage to hit the road and never look back.

    All strength to you creativespirit.

  • Scott77

    Where is "

    True Stories from the Tower - Part 2 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite" "


  • Apognophos

    The baddest men, if they know they are bad, will have the strongest yearning for a religion to redeem them and keep them out of trouble.

  • FFtruther144

    Thank you and please keep writing.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Exactly, Apognophos. I've always thought that religion attracts people who need the external control to keep themselves in line. These would be people who have especially bad tendencies.

    This is why, in general, I don't trust religious people.

  • Apognophos

    "If I didn't have God, what's to stop me from going out and being an axe murderer?"

    Though sadly, there are many lumped into this group who simply have a low opinion of themselves. They don't realize how moral they could actually be without the stick of religion.

  • villagegirl

    I also have to write in a candid, factual way -

    I don't want hate to interfere or cloud the true account.

    Candid ? Factual ? So - what are the facts exactly ?

    (1) You worked at a South American Bethel?

    Managua (Nicaragua). It is around 2004

    (2) You knew a man who was a pedophile and a JW ?

    (3) He was indentified my a mark on his penis by one of his victims ?

    (4) He may have ( or may not have) been asked to show his penis

    during a judicial hearing, for verification of the accusations ?

    (its OK to say penis ) especially if this is a candid factual report.

    (5 ) The same man later was invited to work at the same Bethel ?

    Is this what you are saying ? This peophile that sexually molested,

    in some way you do not identify, minors ?

    And was never turned into the Police ?

    So, you have his name, turn him in.

    The children could deliver explicit details about him and

    kept mentioning a certain mark on his manhood.

    You mean his PENIS ? Why not edit this down to about

    two paragraphs and say what you mean and name some names

    and tell us what you did , specifically, to help or protect those children

    without 'clouding the issue' with verbage and padding.

    Just be honest and straightforward. Its been ten years since these

    children were sexually assaulted ? And you never told the police ?

    How very JW of you. How exactly do you think, telling in a very

    garbled and indistinct way, about this crime, ten years later,

    is "putting a needle" through anyone's heart ? Sex offenders

    do not have hearts.

  • steve2

    I agree villagegirl. Very well expressed with necessary directness. Sadly, some people dig holes for themselves the more they try to explain away their inaction.

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