True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    It is naive to think that the legal system works the same in poor countries as it does in the Western world. Even in Canada, USA, and Europe the arm of justice doesn't give fair punishment to child molestors. I understand villagegirl outrage but the Holier-than-thou, personal attacks, and irrelevant facts (such as having a degree in 1977, a brother with a law degree, and living in developed/wealthy nations) does little for her arugements.

    Having a brother as a Lawyer or using Google doesn't make you an expert on laws nor having any understanding on what happens in very poor countries. First, there are SOL on sex crimes, including child molestations. SOL vary by States and some may not have SOL on sex crimes. Most states seem to not have SOL on minors but then again what they define as minor can vary. SOL are being changed as I know in Florida it was modified in 2010.

    Now for a personal story and no I will not give names. When I was 12 yrs old my parents moved to a new town. Our neighbor was very wealthy and lived alone. He was 79 years old at the time. After developing a friendship with me and my brothers he started giving us liquor. It was my first time drinking Rum and coke. He then moved on showing me pornographic magazines. Soon he got comfortable enough to try to grab my penis. He told me he wanted to check how hard I was. Because I pulled away and got mad, he never tried it again. At that age I really didn't know anything about child molestation. Even though he never tried to touch me again I later learned he did have relations with young boys in the neighborhood. The first part of this story is being told so you know what he told me was probably very true.

    He would leave four months of the year to travel to Nepal. He had lots of money and could do this and has done it for decades. Though he never tried to physically touch me again he would sometimes move the conversations to sex. In his own admission he would go to Nepal to have sex with young boys. The parents would allow it because he would give them gifts. The authorities would look the other way too with bribes if he was reported. Do I know for a fact thist took place? no, but I do know for a fact he was a child toucher, went to Nepal every year till he died, and not ONCE ever was arrested in Nepal. I have no doubt he molested boys in Nepal. It was much easier and less riskier for him in Nepal.

    I've visited other countries as an Adult. One of the countries I visited was the Philippines. I've stayed in Manila, Cebu, and Bohol. Let me tell you that the officials there are very corrupt. Child rape happens there by Americans, Australians, Europeans, Japanese, ect... all the time. The officials will look the other way. Hell, I've seen someone get run over and laid in the street with his brains on the sidewalk for hours before the authorities arrived. Does this mean I'm calling Filipinos uneducated? no, Most I knew could speak three languages. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if there was molestations happening in Kingdom Halls there. The ones that get caught seem to be because they got caught up in a USA FBI sting for international child sex trafficking.

  • villagegirl

    ADjusted - I am not sure how your experience relates to American and Mexican

    and South American Elders obligation to report sexual abuse.

    My brother was in the Attorney General's Office in Guam.

    I realize South East Asia is another system entirely.

    The Circuit Overseer , Blue Pill mentions a Circuit Overseer,

    who was a pedophile, and he may have been and American citizen?

    He may be now living in the USA, ten years later.?

    We do not know where he is since BluePill2 does not say or

    indentify him by name. The point here is, let it be known,

    name names and expose these pedophiles wherever they are.

    This is not about the child sex trade "in general" It is about the

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and the Governing Body,

    who have a worldwide "secret Elders Manual" that instructs

    Elders everywhere to hide this from the police so as not to

    embarrass the "Society" . This is WRONG. If you can't see that

    may be you have some serious moral problems of your own.

  • RichardHaley

    "And it was 30 years ago

    and they announced why you were being disfellowshipped

    in those days."

    Been associated with the org since 1963 a never experianced that... "dfed for conduct un-becoming a Christian" was the most info they ever said and they stoped that because of liability. They did say "disfellowshipped or disassociated" but now that is not even done. Just "No longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses."

  • Pistoff

    VG, your point is taken; however, more information is what I want to hear, and the more you rant, the less Bluepill posts.

    Please, we get it, we have heard your position more than once, stifle it.

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    "This is WRONG. If you can't see that may be you have some serious moral problems of your own."

    My point is you offer information that has nothing to do with your arguement. Again mentioning your brother who work in the Attorney General's Office in Guam. Ok then what does that have to do with YOUR experience and YOUR expertise. My brother works and lives in Japan. I guess I'm an expert on Japan and its legal system.

    Never said it wasn't wrong for failing to report abuse. In fact even pill mentioned he didn't do enough. Just stated your approach lacks tact. Which you keep proving. Sure I can wipe my ass with sand paper but I perfer Angel Soft. Maybe stop being so harsh. Do I believe Pill should do what you stated? Yes. Will he? He already answered that question. So I rather read, like the majority here, the rest of his story.

    You just have a habit of making personal attacks, you know like "some serious moral problems of your own"

    Waiting for your next personal attack.......

  • clarity

    Richard Haley ...welcome to the board Richard,

    good to have you.

    I disagree that the df reason was not

    announced!...... I was shocked to hear

    such private details being publically exposed,

    such as drunkeness, sexual immorality etc.

    This was 1960 in Canada.


  • villagegirl

    Candice Conti, a 27 year old who recently sued the

    Watchtower Society successfully and obtained

    a $25 million dollar court ordered settlement

    against the WBTS.

    The abuse happened almost 20 years ago.

    Candice Conti was sexually abused by Jonathan Kendrick.

    He was known at the time by the Elders to be a pedophileand

    Candice was 9 years old and he took her out door to door,

    witnessing and molested her during that service time.

    My question is, did he count the time ?

    And then the Watchtower could brag about how much zealous

    "work" is being done ?

    Last month, in a landmark ruling, a California jury sided with Conti, ordering the Watchtower to pay nearly $25 million in damages and Kendrick to pay about $3 million.

    Conti, who as a sex abuse victim had the right to have her name kept out of the media, chose instead to go public with her case. She deliberately wanted to focus public attention on what she sees as church’s extreme secrecy: elders hushing up victims,

    She also alleged the Watchtower had a policy, since 1989, of instructing elders to keep accusations of child sex abuse secret.

    According to Simons, documents presented as evidence in the Conti lawsuit proved that elders had been encouraged by the Watchtower not to raise Kendrick’s abusive past. The lawsuit alleged that this silence allowed Kendrick to abuse Conti.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses “abhor child abuse and strive to protect children from such acts,” he said. They also reject allegations that the church has a secrecy policy concerning child sex abuse. (Lies)

    The Watchtower is lying about its policy and every single Elder HERE and all the over

    14,000 readers of this thread, know the WT is not telling the truth about this.

    Especially all you Elders, and those who have been

    Elders for 20-30 years and who sat in on Judicial Committees

    and have yourself been involved in keep secret evidence

    of sexual abuse of children. You all , need to come forward

    as one, and expose this evil. Only you can do it.

    You can do that. Be brave. Be the righteous men, a true Elder,

    you present yourselves to be. I know there are many good men here.

    Do not fear the WT (this what they are: Deut 18:22)


    Bluepill2 was in a 3rd World Country where Local Authorities..

    Are more than Happy to shut Trouble Makers up,for Wealthy People with Deep Pockets..

    WBT$ could have Complained to the Local Police and asked them to Fix the Problem,No Questions Asked..

    BluePill2 could have been found,Face Down in a Ditch,with a Bullet in the Back of the Head..

    Watchtower would have turned a Blind Eye to anything that Happened to Him and he Knows It..

    He feels Badly about it and Wishes it turned out Differently..


    Now he`s reaching out to Active JW Elders who are On these Forums..

    Who Know Better and are Accomplices in WBT$ Corruption..

    They have the Choice to Start doing the Right Thing..

    So I cut him some slack..And..

    Would like him to Post More about His Story..


    VillageGirl is bringing out some Good Points..

    Was the Guy an American?..

    Is there Another Way to Resove the Problem?..



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  • villagegirl

    Elders - Is the Watchtower now telling you to destroy all old evidence ?

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy

    I missed this post the first time. Pill, please tell us more because it is very interesting and I am sure you are helping others.

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