How can I stay motivated for field ministry?

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  • jgnat

    Thus asks my beloved and slow-on-the-uptake JW hubby, who is finding it increasingly difficult to drag himself out the door. So far, I've tried to avoid sarcastic comebacks (I'ts boring and useless! Duh!), and wiggle my eyebrows meaningfully. So, those of you who have oriented yourself to Hassan's techniques, do you have any suggestions? The difficulty, of course, is that hubby won't admit the obvious. How do I get him to think about this without triggering the cultist in him?

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    no hassanian here, but for what i know, most people who want to actually sell something or reach people with a message don't go door to door nowadays. there's things like google adwords and stuff, not to mention tv, phones and... mail!

  • jgnat

    I've told him he can count eight hours a month for "family study night" with me.

  • Ding

    Why is he finding it difficult?

    Burnout? Doubts? Armageddon never arriving?

    Encourage him to talk about his reasons.

    The more he is able to articulate them to you, the better.

    You might also suggest doing non-cult things instead -- hobbies, movies, whatever...

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Field Service is what you make it. That's about the best I can say about it.


    I like Ding's approach.

    1) Ask him why he is having difficulty. His answer will determine your response.

    2) Or you could come into the kitchen wearing a leather Cop outfit at 8:45 am, and ask him if he really has to go in service??


  • TTATTelder

    Tell him

    "Don't worry honey, it takes 6000 hours to get a baptism. It's just busy work. Nothing to feel guilty about."

    Say it with a sense of humor.

  • Scully

    Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the old adage: Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing, but expect different results.

    Does he get the kind of "results" that the WTS tells him he'll have? Magazine Placements™, Bible Studies™, new ones being recruited? The WTS wants him to believe that the reason he doesn't succeed is because of a flaw in himself, when in reality, the flaw is in the methodology. How many successful businesses utilize door-to-door sales anymore? The fact of the matter is that the Field Ministry™ is, by and large, an ineffective recruitment tool, just as ineffective as cold calling done by telemarketers.

    If he wants to think of Field Ministry™ as a way to spend time with fellow believers and reinforce each other's delusion while cooped up in a crowded vehicle between territories or over coffee break, that's one thing. But if he's looking for a way to become more successful at it (as defined by the WTS) he's likely to become less motivated and less satisfied.

    Perhaps he needs to redefine what "success" means when it comes to the Door-to-Door™ work, and have it be his definition, not theirs.

  • jgnat

    Ding and Scully - hubby's not the most self-aware person on the planet. I garner from observation is that he's a naturally happy-go-lucky guy who would rather be chatting up the local waitress than trudging from door-to-door on cold calls. As for hobbies, movies, we've got that covered! That's all I can say about that.

    SFP(something) - LOL

    DD - It's more like I've got my riding outfit on and asking when he's going to make himself scarce? I've got places to go, things to do.

    TTATelder, yes, I've said something very similar.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Why is he finding it difficult?

    Burnout? Doubts? Armageddon never arriving?

    Encourage him to talk about his reasons.

    The more he is able to articulate them to you, the better.

    I would think you could express SHOCK! and encourage him to say more.

    Ever been to a good therapist? "Ah-huh. Ah-huh. Tell me more.....Ah-huh. Tell me how you feel about that. Why do you think you feel that way?.....Ah-huh.

    Two ears. One mouth. Be a better listener than speaker.


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