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  • Hortensia

    You all spend all your time bickering about religion and doctrine and god and evolution and atheists, not to mention all the discussion about athiests too. You are totally ignoring an important subject. We haven't had one fucking decent discussion of Dr. Who in at least a year!!!

    I mean -- well, I won't get to watch the 50th anniversary thing on Nov. 23 because a)I don't live in the UK, b)I don't get BBC America, c)I don't think our local cable channel even OFFERS BBC America, and d)I am not near any the of very few theaters around the world that will be showing the film at the same time.

    And then, there's whatisname Capaldi. We really need to hash out whether he can fill the bill. And then, in the 50th anniversary film WHICH David Tennant Dr. Who will be there -- the real Dr. or the one he left behind with Rose in that alternate universe. I mean, logically, if it is the real Dr. Tennant, then he'd already know, as Matt Smith, what was going to happen because he would have already been through it, so logically it should be the alternate universe Tennant character but we know that the writer isn't all that logical, esp. if you watched this last year which wasn't that good, except for the last episode which really ended the River Song thing the right way.

    Run-on sentences are just signs of passion and anyway, I don't give a damn about grammar or spelling when it comes to Dr. Who.

    Why can't you people focus on the more serious issues facing us? God doesn't exist. Don't give him the time of day. Dr. Who doesn't exist either but he's far more interesting than god, AND more colorful AND much nicer all around. If you have to center your life around a fictional character who doesn't actually exist, I far prefer Dr. Who to god.

  • steve2

    Dr Who? Yes Dr Who. You answer my question with a question. Only Dr Who can do that. Dr Who? Yes, only Dr Who. Who's next? Who knows?

  • cantleave

    Thank the FSM there are people on this site like Hortensia who really understand the priorities in life. As a life long UK based Whovian I am eagerly waiting for Saturday's 50 anniversary edition of the show. I have been gearing up to it by watching my DVD's including my all time favourite, the 1975 (see it was a special year) "Genesis of the Daleks" with Tom Baker, written by the great Terry Nation.

  • AudeSapere

    I just had a deja vu experience there. Actually, I think it was 2 experiences entwined.

    Or maybe it's past my bedtime.


  • Ucantnome

    i never liked Dr. Who for some reason but i like science fiction generally. i liked the Daleks when i was a kid. they were scary. i liked the theme tune

  • konceptual99

    Off to the 50th anniversary event at Excel on Saturday. Will be awesome. Been watching Brian Cox explain the physics of time travel as well in the Science of Dr. Who on iPlayer. Then I need to watch the 50yr guide...

  • konceptual99

    BTW - if anyone does not know Peter Capaldi then he is an absolutely fantasic actor. I would just love it if he went into a caustic Malcolm Tucker (The Thick of It) rant as the Doctor but I guess Doctor Who calling the Daleks f****** tin pot c**** is unlikely to happen at family viewing peak time on a Saturday night....

  • cantleave

    Off to the 50th anniversary event at Excel on Saturday

    I am soooooo Jealous

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    My long standing question about Scifi shows in general is this:

    Wouldnt they be so much better if they were made FOR adults and aimed at adults with adult language and violence and sex?

    Star Trek shot like Aliens? Yes please.

    Babylon 5 shot like Riddick? Yes please.

    I understand the target audience is for mass appeal, but do they ALL have to aim for the same audience? They all seem to end up in the same mediocrity.

    I would just love to see a scifi series aimed at adults and actually engaging them with gritty realism, shocks and scares and some sexiness.

  • konceptual99

    Off to the 50th anniversary event at Excel on Saturday

    I am soooooo Jealous

    Sorry, I'll let you know what it's like. Tickets are on ebay but stupid money.

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