More WT Propaganda: Low Paying Jobs are OK for Family Heads. Just "Don't Miss the Meetings!"

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  • skeeter1

    Well, they tried to get my relative to quit a union job, good paying, so he could attend the Thursday night meetings. First, they wanted him to switch to day shift, Monday through Friday. That couldn't be done as he didn't have the seniority to do it. So, then they told him to quit. He decided to stop studying at that point, and left them. That's when he read the baptism oath, and decided that he couldn't give allegance to any man-organization. Today, my relative thinks the JWs are a cult. Oh, and he's kicked back on his healthy union retirement income benefits to boot.

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Jesus didnt have a place to lay his own head, ex-JWs want to be featured on MTV Cribs.


    Jesus didnt have a place to lay his own head, ex-JWs want to be featured on MTV Cribs.....SFPW


    Jesus didn`t sleep,he was an insomniac.

    Up 24/7 drinking coffee and chain smoking..


    ......................Which was cool..

    You could always Bum a Smoke from Jesus..


    ........................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    LOL and Jesus may not have had anywhere to lay his head, but he knew his ministry was only for 3 odd years so it doesn't matter. It's a bit harder if you're pushing 80 and living under a bridge after a 60+ year ministry, or like the old timers I know of rotting in old folks' home with nothing but a roof over their heads, and the only contact they get is when some JWs pass him around among themselves to picks them up once a week for the meeting, after which it's back to the old folks' home with no visitor until next week when some JW family gets cadged into shoving him in the car in the back with the kids.

  • confusedandalone

    Stand for Pure Worship how are those widows and fatherless boys and elder in your hall getting along since you are impeding the free flow of Jehovahs spirit by concealing the hidden sin of posting here and talking to apostates?

    You don't have to answer the questions and you can keep running from it... as long as you are aware that we know you don't really care about your brothers

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    There are JWs who help the oldies and disadvantaged ones, but non-JWs do the exact same to help their own families, friends and communities. JWs are no different really: some are generous, some say "Go in peace and be well fed".

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Julia Orwell, lol. Stop it! You know darn well non-JWs do nothing of the sort! Stop it! You've been reading too much Animal Farm and 1984 LOL! !!

  • Listener

    Thanks SFPW, you've just given yourself away, you've just been having us on. You're pretty convincing though.

  • A.proclaimer


    "Wives don't have husbands, and children don't have parents despite living in the same home as the other physical components of their family unit. Why? The answer is because the husband is too busy making a living, or the wife too busy supplementing the husband's income. Yeah it's nice that junior has an X-Box, but of what use it if he can't discuss it with his father at dinner because daddy is too busy putting in extra hours at the office"

    Though you have a point here, this isn't true for every case since there are non-Jw families that are still close together despite working hard or needing extra time. Sometimes it may be necessary to pay off rent and make payments. Aside from that, the same could go for Jw's and their services in terms of giving time. I knew of a father who was a minesterial servant and who would preach a lot, not giving enough time for his Kids. In the end one daughter was disfellowshipped and left long ago, and the other left home. He only has one kid around but he's still young.

  • LisaRose

    I was did a calculation of the demands on my time as a Jehovah's Witness mother of two children with a full time job. If I did all the things the Watchtower said I had to do, I would have had about six hours left in the week to call my own. That was very discouraging. It's not that I wanted a lavish lifestyle or anything like that, just a roof over my head and to be able to feed and clothe my kids. That was very discouraging to me, really I didn't think life was worth living like that. I kept on trying to do the best I could, but I stopped feeling guilty because I was not willing to live in poverty. It didn't make any sense that God would prefer I live on welfare rather that do what was necessary to provide for my family.

    I do believe the Watchtower's meeting and study requirements were designed to keep you to busy to really think. I also think they want you to have a low paying job to keeping from becoming financially secure. People who are happy with their lot in life are less likely to need the fantasy of living in paradise and petting lions. Time control, like insisting that you can never miss a meeting, is one danger sign of a cult.

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