More WT Propaganda: Low Paying Jobs are OK for Family Heads. Just "Don't Miss the Meetings!"

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  • wasblind

    SMH at SfPW, What has this religion done to you_______Jeffro

    Sadly this religious cult has confused Miz to the point

    where he don't know if he should scratch his A$$ or his watch

    Po' MIz



    When the GB and all the DOs and COs get jobs to support themselves, or send me $10,000 to pay my medical bills, THEN I will consider taking a lower paying job. Our CO and wife are in their 60s, they would die if they had to make tents like Paul. They need us, we don't need them. They fail to realize that thier lifestye is supported by my donations. Either they are so deluded that they don't realize it, or they just think they deserve it and I should feel privileged to serve them.


  • wasblind


    From the WT magazine in the OP, the WTS encourages others to do what this

    healthy abled bodied individual has done




    It's hilarious indeed

    The sister who conducted my Bible study told that same lie

    I didn't buy it. And nieither did the Elders who discouraged college from the podium

    because they also had college educated children



  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    People who sluff off a better paying job so they will have time to work for a publishing company, and thus need help from the government, are a great reason why the WT needs to pay taxes!

  • flipper

    OUBILETTE- Great thread, thanks for posting. I had to give up so many great job opportunities as a JW because I had a fanatic JW wife ( not to mention congregation elders ) years ago who would make me feel guilty if I accepted good paying jobs in which I would miss meetings. As it was we ended up divorcing in the late 1990's anyway after 19 years of marriage yet my not having that great paying job didn't keep her from charging up $ 20,000 on the credit cards sending me into bankruptcy after the divorce in 1998. I'll never let a organization or mind controlled JW tell me what to do ever again in my life. I'm enjoying pursuing different business pursuits and interests now- and NOBODY will ever take that from me again. Not my elder dad, not my ex-wife, not the WT Society - no one. I have freedom of mind and movement these last 10 years and I'm keeping that freedom the rest of my life ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • wasblind

    " He had originally chosen his present job , which did not pay particularly well , in order to have the weekends off , allowing him ( to spend money ) to attend meetings and be in the ministry with his family "( How much can this brother afford each week at a coffee shop for five )

    This brother needs to talk to a financial planner.......Fast


    Flipp jus' reminded me that credit card use is high at conventions . Thanks Flipper for the reminder


    Debt and more debt


  • KateWild

    Not only do WT want you to have low paying jobs, free weekends and evenings for meetings and mino....but they want you to donate. Not out of your surplus, but donate out of your needs.

    Good thread Oub thanks

    Kate xx

  • wasblind

    That's right Katewild

    and they claim it's Jehovah that " needs " what you can give



    " We can give to Jehovah

    4 Resources: We can also give of our material resources to support the preaching work."___ March 2008 Kingdom Ministry page 1


    LOL. All these donations are to come out of a low wage earners pocket

    And what bout his own childrens needs ????????


  • WTWizard

    It is smut like this that damns souls. It is one thing to have a pessimistic attitude toward whether or not you will become financially stable. But actually feeling you are better off poor is going to program your soul to poverty, now and in future lifetimes. "I can't possibly make money, and it sucks" is a better attitude than "I could make more money, but serving joke-hova and being poor is superior to financial liquidity and being self-serving". At least, with the defeatist attitude, you are not thinking that poverty is a virtue--because it is not.

    Refusing jobs that pay more money for the sake of making all the boasting sessions (which provide negative value) and field circus (also negative value) is stupidity. Now, I could see if the higher-paying job was beyond your ability to cope with the stress, required you to work 18 hour days 7 days a week, or was unethical. But, supposing I had the chance to get a job programming computers. I am relatively new, but I could learn easily enough. Besides, I could learn how to fix hardware issues with nothing more than proper tools and common sense. I would be working regular hours, similar in number to the crap job I now have. My boss would be reasonable, and the company is not one of those big joke-hova run dictatorships. Yet, I would miss 1 or 2 boasting sessions per month and only be able to do 10-15 hours a month of field circus instead of 50 or 70. If I stay for joke-hova's sake, what just happened is I just programmed my own soul to accept poverty and attract it as a virtue. Not the sort of programming I want to do.

    In addition, the expenses are legion. One suit dry-cleaning is roughly as pricey as one record. The suits are cheap enough, but they are crap and wear out quickly. Every 90 days, I am replacing one of them and not because the dry cleaners ruined or lost it. In a year, I have wasted enough to buy a Fenix LD22 flashlight, one 16-pack of AA Eneloop batteries, one of those 16-bay chargers that charges AA or AAA batteries without ruining them, one of those 30 day lanterns, 3 packs of low self-discharge NiMH D batteries (2 to a pack, enough for 2 changes for the lantern), and the charger for 4 C or D NiMH batteries--just on suit replacements. Add in dry cleaning, it goes up more--one suit cleaning a week, and you are looking at enough to get a few more lanterns, more batteries, more chargers, maybe even a good Fenix HP25 headlight, and still have change. Which is going to do you the most good the next time we get a blackout from a windstorm, or rolling energy crisis blackouts?

    And never mind the gas they waste, the donations they are hounded to make to the Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund operation, lunches at their local fast, good-tasting poison place, and field circus supplies. These can add up significantly. Now, if you are missing out on that extra income (and probably time, because those better jobs don't take as long as to finish a cleaning job might), you are not going to be able to make up this loss. Again, it's the feeling that it is a virtue that really does the damage. I can envision "We started with 700 toilet papers. Donations totalled 800 toilet papers, and expenses are 1,500 and one Fenix LD22 light. We are one Fenix LD22 light in the hole, and one of you has that light." This kind of attitude vilifies purchasing nice things, programming everyone to think having and keeping money and wealth is a vice. This attitude can in fact do more damage than simply that of not having anything. Souls are programmed to seek and attract poverty and stagnation, and young adults are vulnerable. Children grow up around this smut, and they accept that they are only righteous if they seek poverty. The universe responds to this order, and they grow old and destitute. This is worse than the defeatist attitude "I wish I could make money, but I can't".

    And they claim Satan wants us poor?

  • redvip2000

    I recall after i graduated high school, i went and got a job at some store, because most other people in the hall would just do that - get a job. Any job.

    I also recall being in social situations with "worldly" people and noticing how all of them would discuss at lenght their occupations and their plans for moving up to other jobs.

    It was obvious their career was very important to them, and this concept was completely foreign to me. I had no interest in talking about my job, because i had no interest in the job itself. It was a way to get a paycheck to get by. You will notice that at a JW gathering nobody speaks about their jobs, because they probably hate their jobs too

    After i left, it became clear to me how important education and a career really are and i worked hard to make up for it. The Org likes to keep everybody down, and wants JWs to feel that the only thing special in their lives in belonging to the cult.

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