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  • KateWild

    surplus should offset the deficiency-DD

    As if? It's unscrupulous the GB use disasters as opportunities to fleece the sheep. "Donate, Donate, Donate to the King and his Kingdom"

    Kate xx

  • joe134cd

    I just think it's totally dishonest that a donation cannot be marked for the emergency relief fund, but has to be made to the world wide preaching work. This way the loving bros can do what they dam well like with the money. Perhaps the man made lake at the bethel is more appropriate.

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    arent there laws about transparency for charities?

    shouldnt we be able to find out where the money goes?

  • KateWild

    shouldnt we be able to find out where the money goes? - CB

    Yes there are laws and procedures, first off you must put your request in writing to the GB asking for their financial statement of the last years activities. Lets us know when they reply CB.......Then you go to the financial ombudsman.

    To be fair it's a lost cause, JWs are going to keep donating and there's nothing we can do to stop them. They are in a cult CB.

    Kate xx

  • Captain Blithering
    Captain Blithering

    Hah ! Way to attract attention to oneself !

    Tbh you cant knock the fact that theyre sending out aid, but it galls me that they could do so much more.

    and at the same time they slag off churches of christendom for not getting the preaching/humanitarian balance right. A GOOD DEED IS A GOOD DEED no matter who does it..

  • emeth

    the only ones asking themselves where the money goes and the ones that do have a problem that JW's donate to the world wide fund are people like you... people who do not identify theirselves as JW's or who are one but secretly are not.

    its like doing your groceries at walmart, because you hate 7eleven, but at the same time still wanna know why people shop at 7eleven, how much they spent and what 7 eleven does with its money.

    Its our money, we gave it,.. now it belongs to our organisation and it is our business what we do with it. Eleven years talking on this forum did not change that and never will.

  • Gorbatchov

    What i personaly can't stand is the witness opinion "thanks to Jehovah a small part of the witness has died. And because br A. didn't go to field service he died in his house... blablabla"

  • westiebilly11

    ..little question...just seen mother on news in distress having lost her 2 month old resurrection..(?) at what age will baby be resurrected..and what age will mother be.........and on the tragedy I'd like to congratulate god on a splendid days's all well and good to say that Jehovah will 'help our brothers'..but all he had to do was to have diverted any storm away....sorry..but I'm having issues with all of this at the moment...were I still on the ministry I could not explain to a householder why it happened....

  • KateWild

    hello emeth,

    Nice to see you around the board. I am happy for you that you have donated to a cause that you find is worthwhile and you feel truly helps others. We obviously see things differently. But that is okay because you are being kind. Its nice to meet kind people. Kindness is a great quality and many who are kind are not recognised for their kndness, nor do they wish to be.

    My cong accounts were read out last night. They have a balance of over £5000. Donations of £500 for the month and expenses around £500. The balance is higher than most publishers personal accounts. It would be nice if some of the £5000 could be donated to the elderly cong members for their heating this winter. They will be cold.

    Kate xx

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    DATA-DOG: 'They (WTBTS) should be ashamed of themselves. Their surplus should offset the deficiency of Brothers in the Phillipines.'

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