Circuit Overseer who gave talk at Twickenham is DIsfellowshipped

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  • Iamallcool

    Who cares? CO is a "public official" They are closer to the GB.

  • notjustyet

    The only interest I can see would be that he was doing the bad deed back when he was selected to give that part in August as that would show the the Holy spirit was on leave at the time.


  • ruderedhead

    No, UUN, please don't be indiscreet and give out his name. His title & location give away enough information about him. And please don't give details unless you are certain they are facts.

    I know you want to help others who are trying to get loved ones out, but not by possibly hurting someone. The wt does enough damage.

  • Sapphy

    would be grateful for a name - I sat through twickenham 2013... PM please

  • Sapphy

    would be grateful for a name - I sat through twickenham 2013... PM please

  • Reality79

    If you don't want to reveal anything, then why even mention it at all?


    Geeze, just say if he was df'd for being a pedo, or an apostate. It's all we really want to know...


  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    We want to know, did he smarten up and learn TTATT?


  • Gayle

    If the person's name was "announced" on the platform, then it is already 'public.' Guess if it 'personal,' then none of our business. If it was due to 'apostasy,' then hopefully he will be coming on this 'site' with more specifics. ???

  • Scully

    Revealing his name or reasons for him being DFd would be a breach of his privacy, and a violation of the posting guidelines to that effect.

    Please DON'T do it, either here where google trawlers can find it or in PM where other people can end up gossiping about it. DFd people get enough of that bull$h!t at the Kingdom Hall. Let's try to be better than that, shall we?

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