Circuit Overseer who gave talk at Twickenham is DIsfellowshipped

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  • zed is dead
    zed is dead

    Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  • jimskinner

    isn't this the second CO to be DF'ed in the UK in the last couple of years?

  • besty

    reasonably sure this dates back to late summer 2012 and mentioned originally here

  • KateWild
    KateWild have whet our appetite. Please satisfy my desire to know the gossip and PM name and offence-Kate xx


    Besty - please PM name of CO - many thanks!


  • usualusername

    This CO was disfellowshipped in the last few weeks. I am suprised nobody posted it before me.

    I will not reveal his name or offence here or via PM.

    Those living in London will know who he is.

    I understand he is attending meetings, let hope for not too long.

  • besty

    I stand corrrected - that makes 2 CO's DF'd in the last year or so in the London area...lets hope they make it out...

  • iCeltic

    Jesus Christ (so to speak) it reminds me of an old Billy Connolly joke about men loving secrets. Guess what everyone, I know a secret but I can't post it. What's the point of mentioning it if you don't say who it is? i wouldn't know him regardless.

  • konceptual99

    Yup - I posted about a CO I knew of in the thread Besty mentions. I still don't know any more about this as when I have tried to the raise the matter with the Elder who originally told me he has made it quite clear he does not want to talk about. I don't see him that often so have not been able to push things further.

  • Stealth

    People name names on this site all the time. Outrageous things are said about GB members posted right along with their pictures on this site and no one is concerned about privacy.

    If a GB member was disfellowshipped would we be concerned about not using his name for the sake of his privacy? I don't see the distniction between GB members and their top company men lap dogs really.

    That siad, I am more interested in the reason more than the who. It would really be good to see some defections at high levels, but most likely they were DF for conduct unbecomming a christian.

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