Circuit Overseer who gave talk at Twickenham is DIsfellowshipped

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  • joe134cd

    Steve I've sent you a PM.


    PM me too please. Gossip will be rife amongst relatives and always good be the voice of reason.

  • bigmac

    NO--dont reveal his real name on here---after all--whether he likes it or not---hes one of us now. lets hope he is on here already--he can tell us any info IF HE CHOOSES TO.

    as for his "offence"--if its just a case of normal human weakness---so what? anyone here pure ?

    but--if it caused significant damage to the cult--i'd like to know.

  • RayPublisher

    Have you reached out to him and tried to let him know that he is not alone? Has he read Coc? These are the things that interest me, bc he could he helped immensely to escape MENTALLY from the WT Cult which still likely has his mind on their side. Also he could become suicidal, etc. and we don't want that either.

  • gingerbread

    JW's get disfellowshipped every week in congregations around the world.

    So do Elders and (gasp!!!) even "representatives of the Branch". I know a dozen personally in my lifetime who were C.O.'s, city overseers, P.O.'s, COBE's and head honchos on RBC's who were bounced out - because they couldn't keep their hands to themselves or were abusive to their family or members of the congregation or they were power hungry.

    Big deal. They're human too - regardless of how big a suit they wear or how much 'responsibility' they shoulder.


  • Quarterback

    Well, announcing his name before a congregation as DF is a beginning of what is wrong with this DFing business. When a person is fired, they simply say he/she doesn't work here anymore. Eventually it becomes public knowledge.

    Through the grapevine this news will become available.

    Like some posters have already said, "Many CO's, and DO's Branch workers have been there". Should we create a list of their names, too? PM is probably more discreet, and private, but, it is a form of gossip.

    We shouldn't make ourselves look just as bad as the JW flaws

  • Patrick45

    Was it apostasy? It should, as usual offences like sexual immoral conduct usually do not directly get you kicked out.

  • steve2

    Thanks joe - when Ive got my laptop I'll access your pm - my tablet won't give me reliable access to pms on this site - keeps giving error messages- very frustrating.

  • wannaexit

    So when a CO gets disfellowshipped is there an announcement in every congregation in the circuit he served? If this is the case , his name will come out soon enough. Just give it time

  • Bella15

    If it is due to any sexual abuse that he was DF'd ... yes PLEASE BY ALL MEANS DO GIVE US HIS NAME ... otherwise, it is irrelevant I guess, just tell us what he did and what we can learn from it ...

    like we say in Spanish, I will tell you the miracle but not the saint who did it

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