god-of-the-gaps. Should we or shouldn't we fiil in the gaps with God?

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  • snare&racket

    Jesus christ , i am such a dick nowadays, dumb comments and ignorant people are making me quite the angry bunny.....

    STAUROS considering you know less than an egg, yep an egg, that will suffice, despite this ...you are declaring your wild and crazy ideas as facts , i literally cant be arsed.... Whatever man, carry on believing whatever you want dude, ypu have beaten me..... Stick a fork in me... I am DONE.

    Stauros you must be a troll or you are embarassingly ignorant or worse, immune to new information Because seriously you have just ignored very simple explinations of FACTS that we now as humans KNOW, not think..... But KNOW.

    jesus stauros, your beliefs about the heart are 6000years out of date, the Egyptians believed that, its not true ...... Jesus christ, I have to stop coming here, I am too much of an angry bear when I hear people say silly things....thats allowed I did for 20 years, but then when pointed to THE FACTS which happe to be amazing to learn.... Simply repeat the bullcrap they were taught by Dr Watchtower Writer, specialising as a Transparency Technician (windo cleaner)

    come on STAUROS...think man, think.... Please give me hope that you are worth reaching into thy sea and putting the effort of lifting you to the lifeboat... Even POINTING to the lifeboat,Tell me you will one day invent a coffee machine that doesnt burn the tongue or something on drinking....please...

    right now, i am all for the sea taking another soul whilst I whistle in the wind......

  • Stauros

    Everyone knows his or her heart is important, “if it stops, you stop”. But there’s a LOT more to your heart than just a pump. Science is finally catching up with lots of religious texts and philosophers of old that had the heart at the center of our being/soul and where thought came from. Your heart actually sends far more signals to your brain, then your brain sends to your heart. Most of the things I’ll be talking about came from this research article:


    Oviously there is much debate on this.....I choose to believe what the bible says.


  • Stauros


    It is obvious your emotions overrule your thinking ability......move on


  • snare&racket

    Stauros, having dissected human hearts, having studied them for 7 years, having spent TODAY examining and manageing and investigating REAL HUMAN HEARTS, I can confirm you are quite wrong.

    The heart is no different to a swimming pool pump or an oil pump or water pump in your car. Hormones speed it up and some chemicals slow it down, emotions affect our heart rate as we prepare to protect ourselves or as we recognise we can calm down and preserve energy. The heart is palpable..... Something you can feel..... Change quite easily, so the egyptians wrongly assumed it was part of your emotional brain.

    In reality your brain in the frontal lobe, is similar to a computer processor where it sorts all the data it has.... Memories, images, smells, sounds emotions and this is where you believe your hesrt work takes place. WE KNOW because of how people behave when this area is damaged. People dont finish developing this region until they are in esrly 20's but from mid teens. Hence we dont let teens make contracts or big decisions because they cant make long term desicions and make poor emotional decisions due to a still developing frontal lobe.

    adrenaline, cortisol is made in the adrenal glands on top of your kidneys..... they are recognised and used to turn responses up and down in all areas, blood vessels, organs, eyes, limbs..... The heart is just one and is easily noticed because of the feeling you get in your chest, but the butterflys in the stomach, dry mouth, clammy palms, hairs on end etc etc etc etc are all the same response.

    Stauros.... Deny it sll you want, it just says alot about how you process information if you ignore it and continue to insist the egyptians are right.

  • cofty

    I choose to believe what the bible says

    If you discover mildew in your house will you accept that your house has leprosy and tear it down?

    Next time you get sick I hope you will behave like a total hypocrite and seek the help of a doctor.

    Ignorance is no crime. Willful ignorance is.

  • snare&racket

    Stauros, you do know we have mechanical heart replacements now......

    Oh dear, this kind of pisses on your bonfire right..... Guess what... These people still have normal mind and emotions ......hmmmm weird....

    Ok im bored, goodbye stauros, you stick with the bible, no matter what, all the best with that x

  • Stauros

    snare&racket, Cutting into flesh does not show you how they function....Analysis from a living being and long research will tell you more.......search your own heart and mind in order to know how they function. This of course if you have not damaged them by introducing dangerous substances into your body....


  • snare&racket

    Ha ha..... Trolls on this forum are not a joke, jw's and people who ACTUALLY want to know things come here. You are doing harm trolling these pages, seriously. BUT fair dues you had me until then....

  • Stauros

    I laugh at those that think they know more than the One that created us. Ha Ha, I say......give it some time and all will know that GOD exists......have a good evening.


  • adamah

    Stauros said- It is obvious your emotions overrule your thinking ability......move on

    Ironicially said by Stauros, right as SNR pointed out how the invention of artificial hearts completely disproves the ability of the heart to be the source of emotions, since artificial heart recipients don't lose their emotions when they get a replacement....

    Stauros said- Oviously there is much debate on this.....I choose to believe what the bible says.

    No, there's NO debate on it.

    But fine, suit yourself, and just sweep the heart under the rug (it's going to continue beating for some time, being that it's a MUSCLE and NOT neural tissue, although it requires a fresh source of ATP to contract and will eventually stop beating as that ATP turns to ADP).

    What about the kidneys, then?

    How do you explain away the Hebrew view of the kidneys as the seats of wisdom and site of decision-making, or the institution of offering sacrifices of the animal's kidneys (with associated fats) as a proxy for human who made a poor decision, and needed to make a 'guilt offering' to atone for the poor choice?

    How do you explain away the famous, "God examined my kidneys while I was in my mother's womb" from Proverbs (was it), to indicate he knew how wise the person would be even while they were being formed?

    Or was God actually the World's first neonatal nephrologist, just making sure the fetus has proper functioning kidneys so that he'll be able to form urine when he is borne (which doesn't begin until after the infant is borne)?


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