I hate being ugly!

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  • Violia

    You do not have to be handsome at all. Intelligent men win hands down. Women are looking for a person who will be a good husband and father and provider. None of those have anything to do with looks. A good father is one of the sexist men on earth. Ever wonder why guys walk dogs and borrow other people's kids? It attracts women.

    Maybe see a therapist and talk about this . Work on that personality and get involved with "causes" . Helping others is the greatest way to fill your time and meet someone. If this does not work for you, take a class in something that interests you. You can audit the class.

    re the above pic, dude is butt ugly bet he's hot. don't discount sheer hotness.

    I was saving this for last , try hitting the single places. Brush up on the wardrobe and all that. You just need some success and then you will be more attractive to women.I know that is not fair, ie, first you need to score and then women will look at you, but it is sort of true.

  • Satanus

    Danny trejo is one of the uggliest dudes around. Girls still like him. Could be cuz he's a famous actor, could be cuz he's got a few bucks. Whatever. He is a hard worker. He's in good shape.

    Think about improving yourself: go to the gym, learn stuff, refuse to think negatively about yourself.


  • nonjwspouse

    Speaking of DiVito I had a major crush on him for many many years. I am not hard on the eyes myself. It was DiVitos personality that captivates me. Call me crazy, but it is NOT all about looks. ( at least when it comes to woman being attracted to a man) Believe me!

  • satinka

    I just bet you aren't ugly. Perhaps you were conditioned to believe you are ugly because you can't measure up to the JW standard of perfection. But then, no one can.

    Take it easy on yourself!


  • whathehadas
  • JWdaughter

    don't use drugs-they age you and it doesn't help anyones attractiveness to look old/worn for their age.

    When you feel good about yourself, you look better. It took years for me to get to a point where I didn't think I was ugly. My husband calls me stunningly beautiful-I am not. I am a middle aged woman that is average in every way. But he loves me just the way I am and ultimately, beauty is something that isn't about aesthetics. Its inside. Maybe when you find the good stuff in you, it comes shining out of the outside of you. Id say, find things about you that are good, exploit them, enjoy them, share them and you will not be focused on your outward 'beauty'. Don't be distracting from that with bad grooming and dirty clothes or bad haircuts. People are shallow.

    Be happy, then people will like being with you. REad up on personal development and appreciate motivational thinkers (like the law of attraction theories). They are not all the BS that some think. Not to be mistaken with prosperity preachings.

  • KateWild

    Remember this thread Space Madness?

    Some of the posters made me laugh. You are doing a good degree at the moment and you will get a fine job at the end of it, and a nice good woman too. Just stay away from nasty elders daughters, Remember?

    Take care Love Kate xx

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